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And Flapjack!

Going out with FobbyNeenja aka Oppa *nods* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Name: Janelle #@*&^&*#&#!
Nicknames: Jane, Jany, Janelly,Nelly, KY Jelly, Penguin, Pengy, Winry, Win Win, Kaibon, Berryz, Detective Koubou , Mio, Piplup, Chikorita and more to come..I think
Age: Younger than your mom..possibly
Status:[ ]Single,[♥] Taken
Fave Color(s): YELLOW, purple, and black occasionally to myself , uhh chocolate
Luffs: MY FAMILY , MY FRIENDS, OPPA!, PENGUINS, umm singing occasionally to mahself, FLAPJACK <3
Hate/;Iunno stuff, if you do something I hate, I'll let you kno xD

These be my besties:
Sarah/Saradyn/Sawah/Klyde (klydekissy) heart heart
Kristen/Krissy/Haku(fear23) heart heart
Arianne/Ari/Poucha(Yunjeong) heart heart
Jodel/Jody/Oppa(FobbyNeenja) heart heart
Christopher/Chrissy/Kuma/Pandy (lubu1234) heart
Ivan/Ivy/Numnums/Squiddy (Neoshadowharu13gir) heart
Sammy ( [AzNPuNk] )
Abbie (Synaestia)

If you want to be on this list talk to me then you motherfricker D:
Soooowwwwwyyy, I loooveess yoooo

Btw...feed my knuffels...they will love you forever and so will I....particially xDD

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Report | 10/21/2010 9:24 pm


domokun domokun domokun DOODOOHEAD domokun domokun domokun
Been foreverrrr, since we've been on Gaia rofl xD

Report | 09/30/2010 4:37 pm


Oh my goodness, haven't been on this thing in foreverrr whee rofl domokun

Report | 06/19/2010 7:34 am


Sleepyhead!!! Nice song heart

Report | 05/16/2010 5:44 am


like your cat *-*

Report | 01/04/2010 7:34 pm


heyy babychannnn ;D heart
- juiicy couture x

Report | 12/06/2009 3:21 pm

- juiicy couture x

can u donate plz

Report | 11/26/2009 10:00 pm



Boy has one year gone by so fast whee
Through the good and bad times, we’ve made it through xp
And now we set forth to continue our journey together, mhm 3nodding
I just wanted to say, if there’s something you’ve done to me in our time together
It has helped me grow (oh shoot, how I wish physically as well haha), but you’ve really
Had me step out of my comfort zone and shell… and many times, made me open my eyes
(no rascism intended lol) to many things. Now I know you don’t like people complimenting you
And what not, but hey forgive oppa for this occasion?
What I say is true… I really am so very lucky and fortunate to have a girl as
Well rounded at you. (no not physically silly woman!) . But I mean, you’re ever so beautiful, you’re strong
In the head and brains, and your personality is just one of a kind :3
Alright there you go, I tried not to go OD with it and bombard you like you how you didn’t like before xP
So 12 months have gone by, and I think we should know how each other are so with that being said
We know what each other likes or wants, we know what each other doesn’t like and what makes the other
Tick a bit….so let’s not repeat any mistakes from the past, and if we do, well recover of course
But besides that, let’s have a good time in this give and take relationship shall we? mrgreen
I know you don’t like to be reminded of things, so I’ll trust that if I were to go on a ranting lecturing ramble, you’d already know what would spew out of my mouth haha
Anyway, on the having a good time thing…things really are just fantastic when we’re going along having
Fun and laughing and etc ;3 Shoot, I remember that’s why we chose to further our relationship x3
Wuh oh, I sense this thing getting a bit long. Sowwyy. I’ll try to wrap it then mkay? xP
Eh who am I kidding, I’ll just save it for later X:
Again, I really am so very grateful, blessed, and happy to have you in my life and look forward to what
The future has in store for us as we continue our journey with one another<3
Granted your busy, but let’s try to get this anniversary the big one and make it happen.
Give each other the special anniversary that we deserve ya know?
So whenever it’s possible, we can celebrate and do our thing ;P
-hugtackles and kisses you-
heart heart heart ~I LOVE YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH MY BABYCHAN<333~ heart heart heart

~My Dokuro-chan<3~
User Image
*Look at us baby,look at us now* (rofl,I've already premade the comments so I couldn't fit the break into song anywhere else haha. yeah yeah oppa failss)But hey,you gotta admit,that song does fit us ;] *
Thank you for everything that you've done babychan,you truly have changed my life as well as who I am.
(P.S. Shoot, we still have to finish Detective rofl hahaha)
(P.S.S. Woot, Oppa got his traditional midnight entries in hehe)

Report | 11/17/2009 4:02 pm


moomoo x3

Report | 09/28/2009 6:18 pm


HAPPY (late commenting) ANNIVERSARY BABYCHAN!!!!

Sowwy I wasn't able to get this comment in sooner or yesterday,I was literally out all day doing school stuff D:
But anyhoo,just wanted to say that Oppa has been missing chu alot and is really hoping we can have some time together soon.
Our big one year is pulling up and is going to be here before you know it,because this month is going to go by fastttt with me having competitions every saturday this month lollll >_>
So both of us should get to planning mhm ;D
(Oh wow,and probably send our gifts after what....one year? hahaa]
Well,gotta get off and get back to hw TT-TT
Oppa will ttyl mkay?
-hugtackles and kisses-
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Fans:12 , pm to be a fan yo ;D
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