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I want to be that one girl who can make you smile no matter what. I love to make people laugh; but I'm not very great at it. I want to prove to the world, that I'm worth something. I want to prove to myself I am some one. I think too much. I think too little. I can't make up my mind about anything. I wish too much. I ramble about pointless things, and I want someone to understand me. I can be a bit too much sometimes, but that's just me. I'm open in private. I'm closed off in public. I want someone to hang on to every word I say, before I even say it. I need to be needed. I'm not perfect; I'm nowhere close. And I'm okay with that. Lee Corbin is my heart, he's everything to me. I'm in love with him, and no one could ever replace him. If I trust you, don't break it. Break it? You never get it back again, at least not completely. I'm a bit odd, and I can be a bit stand offish. I do admit, I'm a weird and when I first meet you, I'm pretty shy. But I'll open up easy if you're not judgmental. I'm not a bad person, opposed to what many people might think. I don't do drugs, and I don't smoke. I do cuss, and I'm immature sometimes. But I'm young, that's how I should act. I destroy things all the time. On accident, of course-_-. I'm extremely clumsy. I have anger problems. I'm really short, but I hate when people pick on me about it, constantly. It's easier for me to trust guys, then girls. I've been told I have a way with words, but I don't think so. I've also been told I'm way too kind, and a bit too sweet. I try, I try. Aha, I like having a good time. I get upset, as most people do. But I'm generally a very happy person. I'm more then satisfied with my life. I couldn't ask for anything else. =]
I'll stop here; you can figure the rest out.