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eatsdinosaur Report | 04/12/2008 3:15 pm
Ok, well you add me then.
eatsdinosaur Report | 04/12/2008 12:13 pm
I thought i was already your friend on myspace??
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 04/03/2008 3:10 pm

Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/31/2008 4:48 pm

you bet ;]
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/30/2008 1:44 pm
same here.

not totally loving it.

not totally hating it.

I went to the mall today tho and got lots of stuff :]
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/28/2008 5:11 pm
>.< haha you got me. :] jk

nothing really just texting.

hows school
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/26/2008 5:46 pm
haha you better not be or i might have to whoop yo a**.

:] jk

so whats up diggity dogg
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/23/2008 9:34 pm
omg brian what the frick! why you be all up in my grill foo?! hah
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/22/2008 8:26 pm
oh well i didnt prank call you.

when i called i told you it was me.
Vile-SpaceShips Report | 03/20/2008 3:37 pm
hha why did you think I prank called you?