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what people think of my awesomeness

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xi-kwoo Report | 04/14/2010 7:54 pm
Bento Bento come back on! I miss talking to you!
I was reading my old thread and I'm still chuckling at your cleverness.
biggrin Tell me another clever funny when you come back on!
flower guts Report | 02/02/2010 4:51 am
flower guts
@ o @
flower guts Report | 01/26/2010 4:49 am
flower guts
I guess, 'cause, you're not enjoying it either...
@ n @
xi-kwoo Report | 01/24/2010 12:06 pm
Yep, basically.
Haha Oh I'm sure you did fine.
I'm sure you didn't fail, though. It would be kind of hard to fail a class unless you don't do any work at all.
xi-kwoo Report | 01/20/2010 1:55 pm
New phone? Yey What kind is it?
I really want that new Droid phone.
My friend has one and everytime it rings, it makes all these extraterrestrial robot noises. xD
GAh sorry about your 5 page essay and a boring 2hour class. v_v

I have an essay I need to do by tomorrow, two quizzes I need to take online, a project I need to do by tomorrow, some math homework,
a new project for english, some more work due monday for biology aaand a s.s fair project due next week that I need to finish this weekend
with my partners.
Yep, new semester and I'm already super busy.
Which means I need to get to it right now. So toodle-loo!
flower guts Report | 01/20/2010 4:19 am
flower guts
That made me feel sad all of a sudden, actually. @__@;
xi-kwoo Report | 01/17/2010 6:00 pm
Haha oh thats alright. I don't come on that often anymore either.
Weeell let's see.. I've just started a new semester. I was recently informed of my Calculus exam grade which was below failing. crying
But thankfully I managed to get a B on my report card.
Hmm anything else..not really. I'm just basically soaking in my own free time because it won't be lasting for too long.
How about you? Have you been up to anything? biggrin
flower guts Report | 01/17/2010 5:22 am
flower guts
You gots work? o - o
flower guts Report | 01/14/2010 5:00 am
flower guts
Aw, why not?
flower guts Report | 01/13/2010 4:19 am
flower guts
14 now.
And yes, I really can feel the drama. xD
Thanks for the uh, encouragement though!

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