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Xx_Amu Hinamori_xX 1034 Report | 04/15/2009 6:36 am
Xx_Amu Hinamori_xX 1034
Try this out this really works send this is:

5 people=500 gold

10 people=1k

15 people=10k

27 people=29k

then press ctrl+w

when the window closes login into your gaia account and check your gold amount!
MW- l3abie -WM Report | 02/18/2009 1:41 pm
MW- l3abie -WM
check this out! Send this comment in 10 profiles then, press F5 to get 10,000 gold!
Rana Basilisk Report | 01/24/2009 8:03 am
Rana Basilisk
Kinda egoist but cute
La La Loliepop Land Report | 01/24/2009 3:19 am
La La Loliepop Land


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About Me

-i'm reuben vOn.. alsO known as benOk..

-i'm 15 yrs/o..

-currently i'm in my 3rd year in high schOol.

-i lOve eating, studying, sleeping, fishing (On land), writing ( sOngs, pOems, essays, stOries, sOnnets).,

-they said., and they always say na MAYABANG daw akO.. but.. if you'll try tO knOw me better.. you'll see.. hindi naman! medyO lang.. hehe ^^.. perO pOh i admit, MAYABANG talaga akO.. hehe.. perO pOh nasa lugar ang kayabangan qOh, i never try tO be rude tO Others.. and hindi pOh akO nang hahassel sa iba., at first lOok pOh talaga mukhang MAYABANG akO.. try tO knOw me nalang., kung sobrang yabang qOh naman.. ehh 'di sana walang nagmamahal sakin at wala akOng kaibigan., isn't it? ^^

-i'm a fOrmer lead guitarist! but.. i've discOvered that i have a better future in rhythm guitar alOng with singing... haha.. i used tO play metal, rOck, blues, punk music., and i used tO sing mellOw, rOck, punk, emO music..

-i like tO watch bands playing live.. i like tO hangOut with my friends, and walk arOund with my girlfriend (asawaqOh plah)...

-flirt, b***h, dirty, aggressive and horny girls disgusts me.. sO please, dOn't try tO act as One..

-i lOve my friends very much.. they can always cOunt On me anytime, anywhere.. LoL..

-when i feel sO inspired i usually write sOngs and pOems..

-i play WARCRAFT! but nOt as Often as last year..

-i prefer TORTURE rather that PLEASURE..

-akO'y maluhOng taO..

-mahilig akOng kumanta lalO na pag may gitara..

-i lOve serenading girls... whoooooooo... but hanggang dun lang... bawal masObrahan.. malalagOt akO sa asawaqOh,

-i'm just a regular guy.. with big dreams and big hOpes..

-i'm a dramachine.. madaling maasar.. madaling magalit... selOsO.. kasi nagmamahal ng tunay at seryOsO ehh...

-i hate emO but sOmetimes i can't avoid being emOtiOnal..

-but.. mOst Of all.. i lOve my asawaqOh..

-well, i guess that's all i know abOut me.. and i even dOn't knOw myself that much., sO, there's still more tO cOme.,

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i'm reuben vOn, and i came frOm the philippines,. add me as a friend.. thanks!

this is me! cute.. isn't it?? LoL

an asian hOttie.. hehe

just drinking my starbucks cOffee at the manila bay..

a weapOn Of mass seductiOn.. XD