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Bendy is a devil-based cartoon character that, like other older cartoon characters, only has two colors, which are black and white. Although the colors of Bendy are black and white, the white is brownish-yellow due to the color style of the game. His cheerful-looking expression sports a wide, toothy grin and pie eyes. He wears black shiny shoes, a white bowtie, and a pair of gloves which closely resemble Mickey Mouse's, each possessing two black buttons. The shape of his head resembles cartoony "horns".

As seen from the entire first chapter, he only appears as a large cardboard cutout. Bendy's structural height is nearly the size of Henry.

Very little is actually known of Bendy's personality. While his appearance would suggest a happy-go-lucky character reminiscent of 1920's Mickey Mouse cartoons, clues throughout the game seem to suggest a darker nature. It's clear that Satanic practices were used in his creation. He seems to be viewed by Sammy as a type of deity, and he is possibly some form of supernatural being.

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can we be friends on here i love Bendy and the ink machine

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