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"Homeless Extra" lol
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Business Owner, Antique Dealer, Restoration Hobbyist
Collector, Decorator, Cat Owner
Peace, Love, & equal rights for people. heart
Green Queen, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
I mostly shop second hand wahmbulance

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Dragoncraft Report | 08/25/2023 8:51 pm
Not much
Cakes for Days Report | 08/11/2023 6:35 am
Ben is friend. Pond is fun. Lets splash around together! heart
cubchoo Report | 03/07/2023 7:53 pm
I used to love the GCD but it’s nothing but cash shop updates sad
cubchoo Report | 02/19/2023 3:11 pm
Hi babe!!
Selknam Report | 02/14/2023 8:44 pm
Yeah! Thanks, you too wink
Gorestrophic Report | 02/11/2023 8:12 pm
I haven't got it to work at all in a long time, so definitely let me know sad
Gorestrophic Report | 02/09/2023 1:45 pm
you can use original towns again? I'd be down to hangout in it and rally people to use it again if you could.
kancolle Report | 02/03/2023 6:44 am
wow that is a good idea... i work for a small animation studio. im burnt out
kancolle Report | 02/02/2023 6:03 pm
id do it in an instant bro, i really be shitting out here. it hurts. help. anyways what do u do nowadays other than posting on this lovely website
kancolle Report | 02/02/2023 5:13 pm
i really think that i should try that i think i got undiagnosed crohns disease. it's no good. i saw some people illegally trying to purchase poo capsules on my local subreddit

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kitty boy says hello visitor~

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when talking
in there
<--- please
use your
gaia name

if you can see this
-what my profile looks like w/ ff-
-this- profile dosen't
work with..
internet explorer, google chrome, sarfari