About Me~

Hiya! I'm Faen Dantea - an Autistic, disabled, and queer as hell mess. I'm a Trans Non-Binary Demiboy which for me means They/He or Fae/Faer pronouns and I happen to be a Queeromantic Acespec - I'm Aegosexual, Fictosexual, and Demisexual which are all Asexual identities, but, since that's a lot to say, I tend to just sum it up as Acespec. I'm awkward and introverted and I spend a lot of my time fantasizing about writing, reading fanfiction, daydreaming, disassociating, and I have a habit of spending too much time doing literally absolutely nothing against both my will and better judgement and am in a loving and wonderful relationship with my long-time partner who is also on here as IAmNotGrey whom I love very much. I am Autistic with the co-morbidities of PTSD, depression, and anxiety with sensory processing issues and executive disfunction. I also happen to be legally blind on top of all of that due to Neovascular AMD with Subretinal Fibrosis along with Ocular Histoplasmosis in both of my eyes which left me with no central vision - ergo, legally blind. Any LGBTQIA+phobia or ableism will get you an autoban/ignore because I honestly really don't have the spoons to spare for that sort of bullshit. And, well, I guess that's about it, really, so, if you wanna talk just PM me! I hope you all have a lovely exsitence~!

cat_3nodding I'm a Nyan-binary Catboy Thembo and my life is nothing but one big bucket of AESTHETIC ANGST!!! cat_3nodding