Hey everyone! Update time! (about time!)
Drew has now moved out of his Dads house, so now we can actually talk on the phone when ever we want to! So im really happy. Im happy for him, hes so much more happy being with his friends. Next its my turn to move, once I get a job and some moo-la.
So Im just working towards working, I still hate Texas with a passion, but im trying to make it work. I will be going to college here soon, just community college. I need to save for moving out and save for college. Thank goodness my parents are so cool and let me live with them until im ready, really they arent ready for me to leave so that works in my favor. ^_^

I got to go out to Cali this October so now im all refreshed and ready to get moving! I had such a good time, I didnt want to leave. In fact, I missed my plane the first time around (not on purpose of corse!) So it was really hard to leave, its home. I didnt want to leave my Drew either, I love him so much and I missed him so much for so long, we get along so well I could of stayed. Im going to wait until the lease goes up on my friends place so we can all get a big place and Drew and I can have our own space.

So the family has been doing pretty bad, we are all broke but my Mom got a job so we should be okay now. Then when I get a job I will be paying rent to help out. I dont like mooching. My parents are doing better I think, they are making friends now so im really happy for them. Just wait till I tell them im moving out in a couple of months....

heart heart heart Thank you honey for donating to Gaia for me and buying me stuff!!!! heart heart heart
heart heart heart I LOVE YOU DREW!!!!! heart heart heart
Im a crazy anime freak just like most of you, not [ie_uid]too crazy though rofl . LOL Well I love all kinds of anime, just to name a few:
DNAngel (obviously)-love the animation, first series I collect on my own.
Princess Ai-want more of!
Death note-he he he
Bleach-Love teh animation
Zombiepowder-love teh animation
DearS-kinky stuff!
Fruts basket- too cute!
Inuyasha -(not a crazy fan)
Gundom W- Drew needs to give me back!
Full Metal Alchemist-The bomb!
Wolfs rain-Love it!
Ceres Celestail maiden
Tokyo Mew mew-So cute!
Naruto-Im not a Narutard though!
Please teacher
Please twins-So cute!
Full moon
Case closed
Kiddy Grade
uhhhhh yeah thers more but I cant think of any right now.~brain dead~
So yeah thats it for meh.
So there!

Pm me for details on avi art!

Heres my art:
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My Wacom stuff:
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User Image
User Image

Dream avis sad Most for fun)

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4 Years later... What a day! The sun is shining and we found out that the first thing we'll have is an ice age, later perhaps we collapse with an other Galaxy. But if we're lucky, our sun will start with a Nova soon ^.^

which will cause our solar system to die :]
Our sun will turn into blue star and eventually die.

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Yeah, I love the new kitty feet...they are just what I've been needing for an avatar that I USED TO HAVE! User Image


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Sideburns look weird User Image

-goes Elvis Ebony Wolf-


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No kidding...the ears are cute, and I would even take the head thing if it only didn't have that stupid fur on the sides...


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Cuddly is a win in my book. User Image

Horray for Wulf items User Image


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Yours is so cute ^.^ User Image

I like the way the dark star on the other side of your head looks like a little ear.

Very adorable item manipulation User Image


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Thank youuu..!

I like your avatar too. n__n
Sinister Visions

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Sinister Visions

Thank you

Glad you like it

: )

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