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My Name Is Gina
I am 32 Years old and live in the UK,
I have a 13 year old son
I have been on Gaia since 02/27/2006 (Some might say i am TOO OLD for Gaia but i don't think i am =) - P.S If you have a problem with this then i'm pretty sure you know where to go, Don't make me tell you)
I like to play games such as World Of Warcraft, Monopoly, Runescape and use IMVU,
I Collect alot of items on here just because i can and like to mess around with my Lil'Avatar.
I like to RP - if i am RP'in then it would more than likely be at the Hinata so feel free to drop by and join in.
I like quite alot of foods and drink, I don't drink anything fizzy unless its got a %
I am a collector, I like to collect Letters, Monthly Items, Evolving items and some Chance items (if i like there looks) I'll save and save till i collect them all =) I Know To Some Its Pointless But Its Something I'v Always Worked Towards.

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Kiavu_dark_wolf Report | 02/11/2014 9:00 am
my original account no longer exists is what im saying
Kiavu_dark_wolf Report | 02/10/2014 8:21 am
I deleted it well I asked to be deleted and they banned the account
Asagrim Report | 12/31/2013 7:35 am
Yeah, I'm ready. Just going to be a quiet one this year, don't have the money for a decent bash. Another night in front of the telly watching the Hogmanay. You?

Oh, and Happy New Year! (in advance)
Asagrim Report | 12/27/2013 4:25 am
Very good, thanks. Was nice to spend time with the family before we all head off to work. Kinda sucks the holiday period really only lasts 48 hours..
Asagrim Report | 12/26/2013 10:35 am
Hope you had a great Christmas and are having a great Boxing Day!
Asagrim Report | 12/17/2013 2:19 pm
Aye, we used to eat out on Christmas Day (Was a lot easier then!) but we can barely afford it these days, so we do cooking on Christmas and Boxing Day, though cooking on Boxing Day gets hectic since family from Nairn to Chesterfield seems to converge in the house.
Asagrim Report | 12/17/2013 1:21 pm
Haha, I'm doing some cooking myself, so they'll have to eat my food! Although yeah, seems like every bit of family we visit, they've always baked or cooked something and we have to eat it...so many mince pies...
Asagrim Report | 12/17/2013 1:12 pm
Yep, that day. So much buying.. 3nodding Aye, I should probably lock myself in too..Sadly, i've still got running around to do. I can't wait for it the day to come so I can just rest.

Thanks! Well, in my opinion, your avatar looks superb and you did a great job on it!
Asagrim Report | 12/17/2013 1:01 pm
Damn, hope you get better sad I'm doing pretty well, thanks, just sorting out my final bits and pieces for Christmas.
Asagrim Report | 12/17/2013 12:41 pm
Heya Bell, how goes things?


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