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As you can see, this is my profile. Thanks for stopping by! So... I guess I'm supposed to tell you about me now. But I'd rather not and say I did, okay? No offense, I'm sure you're a lovely person; but I'd rather not give this whole long section that gives you a lot about me but won't help you excel in life. Thus, I'll put some things that will!

Drink all your milk as well as your share of juice. Bathe more than once a week. Don't do drugs. Keep an open mind. Reduce, reuse recycle. Never judge a book by it's cover. (Unless the cover is amazing!!) Just say no. Always take the little hotel shampoos, but not the lotions. Never eat milk and cookies before a work out. Always use fabric softener and dryer sheets. Don't be a fair-weather friend. Don't care what people say behind your back; if they can't say it to your face then it's not worth caring about. Never wear a mini-skirt in the winter. Music is like candy, you have to throw out the [w]rappers. Never give up your dreams. Work hard, play hard. Eat wasabi with caution. When trying to get nail polish off hard wood, never use nail polish remover. Live in the moment, but dream for the future.

Well, that's all I can think of! Now all that's left is to leave my avi art. Been nice seeing ya! Come again soon!

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by SasuNaruAntiDrug

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