Here's a recent poem I've written....send me feedback, I live off it!

"There Once Was A Boy..."
Your voice still rings clear in my head
As I lie in bed, wrapped together tightly under my blanket,
Crying the tears you will never hear.
I didn't know I was lying to you
When I said, "I'm not gonna cry over this."
Just like I didn't know you don't want us to be.
I'm a naive little girl, lost in my womanly body,
Not knowing that the right way is wrong
Or that circles are sharper than knives.
You meant - No, I say "mean" - the world to me.
My sun
My moon
My stars.
A shining light that not even your soft, rough words
Can dim...extinguish.
Your arms will always be warm,
Your smile, so beautiful...
And your brown, soulful eyes
Will always make my thoughts blush.
I know you love another.
And she is marvelous.
But there will always be that last hope -
That remaining glimmer -
One day, we will live
For one another,
Equally, unceasingly, passionately.
Why do I love you?
You haunt me.
Sweet, melancholy kisses on my brow at night
Versus the scorching blisters on my heart
Too many to name, to bear.
Why do I love you?
Because I can.
Because I will.
Because you are my best friend.
(I can't keep doing this.)

I love writing. It's one of my main releases, along with some other not-so-good-habits, like smoking and drinking * I have always wanted my own real-life evil monkey sidekick; my life would be complete when I have one. And I am so aiming to get one * The only real celebrity I feel is worth meeting is Ellen Degeneres. She's smart, hilarious [d.u.h], and just the most awesome person on Earth; and she's doing all this in a time when people are still being prosecuted for being gay. (I'm not, but I still support those that are.) Ellen is the s**t * I'm 20, my 21st birthday is approaching soon....May 20! I have brunette hair, but it's dyed black for the second time. I love dying my hair; the first time I dyed it, it was burgundy, and kick a**; the second time, it was black with blue tint, and fabulous; and now, the third time, it's just basic black...I'm thinking that next time, I'll do the black with blue tint, and red streaks randomly placed....that sounds like it'd be hot, right? Oh yeah * My eyes are green, and it just so happens that green is my favorite color. My birthstone is emerald, as well, how cool is that? I know * I'm like, the easiest person to get along with. I love talking about anything, with anyone. So don't be shy with me!


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Master Vampire Overlord

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Master Vampire Overlord

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Master Vampire Overlord

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Master Vampire Overlord

Please check the new profile and send me a reply on what you think..

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hey wassup? i havent talked to u n awhile.

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heya donna are ya ok? i heard ya went to the hospital after amber drove me home
dark storm1

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dark storm1

that clip is grate.
dark storm1

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dark storm1

hi hows it going.
i like the video clip.

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Aranea Lilium

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Aranea Lilium

I heart your poem. ^-^ I write it too, but they're on my first account....that got banned. crying If you ever wanna look it up try MoonLitShadow7. ^_~

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did u no that i am questing for a momo
well u do now im almost there
i have 2000 and some gold sooo wish me luck
and im also sick from skool so ill have more time to ear some!
comment back!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

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Ah, to have the wit of House....that would be wonderful....^_^


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