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I'm really just the average people. I'm homeschooled, recently turned 14, lazy as hell, loves video games, and trying to eventually become either a professional artist or game designer. I'm very far from both but.. Eh. What can you do? I've taught myself throughout time to keep aiming for the future, no matter what. I don't care who I am, how disabled I am, how long it takes me to get through.. I will become better than anyone. And I will keep going towards that dream.

I don't really have any friends, and personally, I have no idea how to make them. In the small 1% out of 1,000% I accidentally meet somebody who's interested enough to talk to me, those people usually aren't very close to me. I have some issues with being overstressed, such as alot of people depending on me at once, to the point I decide to just force-quit and turn off the computer, to take a break.

As you probably figured out by now, my whole life is simply on the computer. Might as well think of me as one of those robotic smart AIs. The only people I consider friends in real life are my parents, unfortunately. I don't even know my siblings well. Come to think of it, I live in a very small town. Not even one video game shop.. Ahaha..

To prove I'm not one of them fat a** balding geeks, a photo:
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I can't tell you my personality type at all. I don't even know why'd you ask that.
As of all stereotypes, I look at all of them a different way. Some I look at badly, some I look at beautifully. But to me, I'm my own personality. So, in your view, and only your view, you could tell me what personality type you, yourself, think I am like. Isn't that the point?

Don't hate me so much because I have no life.. One day, I will be a famous game creator! I promise!


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This account is a mule and otherwise dead.

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