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XxTRouBLED Doll -Rawrr-xX Report | 05/19/2007 7:58 am
Well, no, I went to bed at midnight (Because me and mom were watching Buffy).
Then, my mom got scared of an episode of Buffy so she made me sleep with her.
THEN, Daddy was going to bed so I went in my bed and I got up to check my mail..
and it was 4 AM then, so I took a shower 'till 7:58 XD...
XxTRouBLED Doll -Rawrr-xX Report | 05/19/2007 4:08 am
^-^ Luckily for me, I don't get grounded. XD...Meh, I'm sooo tired! It's four in the morning, been watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer since 7:30.

So, I'm going to bed,
Vthursday Report | 05/14/2007 7:17 am
HEY! Long time! I've been away but now im back. As a matter of fact!

ayesha13 Report | 05/13/2007 12:13 pm
i dont wanna go to skool tomorrow cuz i feel sick
XxTRouBLED Doll -Rawrr-xX Report | 05/13/2007 10:12 am
Hey! It's been FOR-EVER! ^-^ -hugglez- What's up?
ayesha13 Report | 05/12/2007 8:35 am
kk ...i'll send u some pics from the party
bekalicious11 Report | 05/09/2007 2:38 pm
people comment me plz
bekalicious11 Report | 05/06/2007 1:08 pm
*yawn* so bored
ayesha13 Report | 05/01/2007 3:57 pm
OMG! watch this...the baby is so cute and this is so funny!!
ayesha13 Report | 04/30/2007 5:30 pm


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I am kabir! I am Ayesha's brother! I am one of Rebekah's friends!

I am Ayesha! I am Rebekah's bff! My brother is Kabir!