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You are - The Dragon
Your ability - Nova
Your Fav Color - Gold
Your Fav Food - You dont eat
Closest Friend - Wolf
Greatest Enemy - Snake
Your Weapon - Your godly powers
Description - You are a holy being and you demand it to be known by all, you repersent harmony and tranquility and are close freinds with the Wolf, but your inferior look alike the snake sets a bad name out for you and this angers you deeply, so you set forth to cleanse the world of these wretched beasts
travis's PokePet
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King Kong the level 99 Chimchar!

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Total Value: 2,443,271 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Superior Form
Ancient Katana
Ancient Katana
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Fausto's Bottle
Fausto's Bottle
Flame Sword
Flame Sword
Flame Sword
Flame Sword
Damascus Armor
Black Goth Pants
Damascus Armor
Damascus Armor
Damascus Armor[/img]

User Image
Total Value: 92,482 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Hermes' Moon 11th gen
Long Black Socks
Wild Armor
Wild Armor
Wild Armor
Ebony Ookami Armor
Naruto Kunai
Old Machete
Lawl And Order Belt
Blade's Shirt
Blade's Leggings
Wild Things

Here is a 600 question quiz I took to help you get to know me!

1. How much gold do you have? 2128
2. What's your name? travis
3. Veggies or meat? meat
4. Do you have a girfriend or boyfriend? would have a girlfriend
5. What's your ethnicity? (white, African, asian, Hispanic, ect) White
6. What's your sexuality? (bi, gay, straight) Straight
7. Manga or Comics?comics
8. For or against gay marraige? against
9. Pandas or Koalas? koalas
10. Beer or Wine? kid
11. Wine or liquor? kid
12. Beer or liquor? kid
13. Do you even like alcohol? no
14. If I repeat any questions, I'm sorry. Do you believe me? no
15. Birds or lizards? Birdies!
16. What is your mother's maiden name? no of your bussness
17. Roll a random number. 6
18. Converse or Vans? VANS!
19. Billiards or pinball? pin ball

20. What kind of college do you want to go to? University
21. Roll any type of dice. 6
22. Do you have a tattoo? no
23. What is it of? no
24. Broken any bones? yes 3
25. If so, what bones did you break?ribs car wreak
26. Have you ever broken anyone elses bones? no
27. Sprain anything? no
28. If so, what did you sprain?no
29. Do you own your own computer? YES!
30. Do you own your own phone? yes
31. Do you have cable/digital cable/satellite in your room? yes!
32. How many vhs movies do you own? Like 100!
33. How many DVDs do you own? Like 20
34. How many cds do you own? none
35. Do you still have cassette tapes? None
36. If so how many do you have? None
37. Getting tired of this yet? yes
38. You think I can go further? DUH!
39. How much gold do you have now? Same...
40. Are you regretting doing this? kinda
41. Are you determined to finish this no matter what? no
42. Are your fingers crapping from answering these questions? NOPE!
43. Gonna tell anyone about this? its on my p file
44. Have you told anyone yet? no
45. Being outdoors or being inside. inside
46. Cookies or ice cream? ICE CREAM
47. McDonalds or Burger King? Micky D's!
48. Fast food or restaurant? fast food
49. Dairy Queen or TCBY? DQ
50 Theme parks or fairs? Theme Parks
51. Rides or games? Rides
52. Water parks or roller coaster rides? water park
53. Love or Lust? Love
54. Family or Friends? Freinds...
55. The sun or The Moon? moon its dark but bright at the same time
56. Books or TV? TV
57. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? harry j potter
58 Mulan or Brother Bear? have to mulan part chineese
59. Pink or Red? red
60. Blue or Green? BLUE!
61. Shoes or Sandals? Sandalz!
62. Alone or with someone? Alone...
63. Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?lndsay beacause she is reday to kill her self hahaha
64. Romance or Comedy? comedy
65. Paper view or renting a video? Renting!
66. Taking pictures or video taping? video taping
67. Computer or laptop? Laptop!

Have you ever?

68. Been Sick? yes
69. Told someone you loved them?family
70. Been told your loved? family
71. Hated someone? no
72. Been called a b***h?yes
73. Been told your pretty? no handsome
74. Been told your ugly? no
75. Been told your fat? no
76. Hurt yourself by accident?no
77. Hurt yourself on purpose? no
78. Read a book? yes
79. Missed anyone? no
80. Wished to be alone?no
81. Wanted candy? yes
82. Ate any candy?yes
83. Saw a ghost? yes but gave me med so i dont see them any more
84. Been on a date?no
85. Went shopping? yes
86. Smoked a cigarette?no
87. Ridden on a subway? no
88. Made a frog out of clay?no
89. Looked under your bed to see if there is a monster before you go to sleep? no
90. Written a book?no
91. If you have do tell what the name of it is and I will read
92. broke curfew? no
93. Been kissed? no
94. feelings hurt? no
95. hurt someones feelings?yes
96. Got into a fight? yes
97. Watch something on the news and find out someones missing?no i dont care

Do you like....

98. Mulan? yes cause im chineese
99. Brother Bear? no
100. The Little mermaid?no
101. Tarzan? yes
102. Pizza? YES
103. Cheese? no
104. Ice Cream?yes
105. Harry Potter? yes
106. Lord of the Rings?no
107. A Series of Unfortunate Events?yes
108. Dogs? yes
109. Fish?yes
110. Gaia? yes
111. Chatter box forum?yes
112. Rap? no
113. Country?yes
114. Hip Hop?no

Do you wish you could?

115. Fly?yes
116. Breathe Under Water?yes
117. Stop these Questions?yes
118. Be a super hero? yes
119. Be invisible? yes
120. Run at the speed of light?yes
121. Do something you've never done?yes
122. Have a magic ability? yes
123. Be a superheroes sidekick?no
124. Walk in someone elses shoes?no
125. Make world peace? yes
126. End world hunger?yes
127. Make the hungry not hungry?yes
128. Find a cure for an incurable disease?yes
129. Hire a maid to clean your room? no
130. Can you do back flips? let me think nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo

now let tell u about me as u see i love pokemon i have every game [nearly]i like horror flick they r funny i like comedy i ots a wii
a ds,gamecube,the type of game boy and secon and third and a psp pizza fav food and last year i was in a car wreak i broke 3 ribs collapsed 1 lung had liqued around the other and lasheratd my liver well thank u for reading

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[Item Information]

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Total Value: 14,631 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Navy Trimmed Chef's Coat
Black Zoot Suit Tramas
Black Zoot Suit Carlango
Black Zoot Suit Calcos
Black Zoot Suit Tie
Black MehTRO Jeans
Striped Blue Pajama Shirt
Red Heart Glasses

User Image
Total Value: 1,967,264 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Ancient Katana
Ancient Katana
Ancient Katana
Old Machete
Ancient Katana
Charred Tundra Boots
Rough Black Jeans
Castaway White Shirt
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Sash

Please help me make this dream avi by donateing anything you can help me make Miroku from inuYasha
User Image
Total Value: 6,109 Gold, 7,500 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Buddhist Monk's Staff
Radicool Fluff Socks
Rhinestone Flip-Flops
Buddhist Monk's Sashed Robe Black Purple

help me make seraphimon from digimon

User Image
Total Value: 434,315 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Mythrill Armor
Oculus Magica
Enchanted Strings
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Blue Body Dye
Holy Gauntlets
Elemental Wings


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blinky95 Report | 01/02/2012 6:30 am
cool avi
Tendou Satori Report | 11/05/2010 5:51 pm
Tendou Satori
What do you mean....?
Demonio Gir Report | 08/20/2010 3:34 pm
Demonio Gir
Tendou Satori Report | 07/20/2010 9:25 am
Tendou Satori
nOw Go FiNd A sQuIrReLl
Tendou Satori Report | 07/20/2010 9:20 am
Tendou Satori
i WaNt To TyPe LiKe ThIs.....
Tendou Satori Report | 07/20/2010 9:17 am
Tendou Satori
MaYbE i DoNt WaNt A cOoKIe....
Tendou Satori Report | 07/20/2010 9:13 am
Tendou Satori
dAmN, nOw YoU gOt Me TyPiNg LiKe ThIs.
Tendou Satori Report | 07/20/2010 9:10 am
Tendou Satori
But I think the correct term would be
rAnDoM cOmMeNt. heehee
Tendou Satori Report | 07/19/2010 6:43 pm
Tendou Satori
wait....did I not tell you anything?
damn...I knew I forgot something when I sent it....
fudge. but it's good.
I had to correct some stuff for ya, but it's all good now.
Tendou Satori Report | 07/19/2010 5:57 pm
Tendou Satori
alrighty then.


I am the pokemon king

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