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OverWatch - Junkrat/Reinhardt


Hello, and Welcome to my Profile. I know it seems a little dark for most peoples taste. But bear with it. I'm not that bad of a guy. But I'm sure you can find that out for yourselves. Anyways, to start let me tell you a little about myself. I'm much older then the average Gaian. I'm happily married to woman of my dreams. She is my world, and I wouldn't change it for anything. I like Video Games, Anime, Movies, Skate Boarding, Working out, RPing, and Cooking.

I live on the west coast. I'm still not sure if I much like the state I live in, but only time will tell. Though it's been years so who knows if it ever will. I have a decent job and can't complain about it. Since I do like it. I don't have any pets. Alright, that's about all I can think of. Have any Questions? Go ahead and ask. I'm a rather friendly guy.


Currently Questing:
Gold - 130,000,000,000/7,000,000,000,000[/color:6e8098265a][/b:6e8098265a][/align:6e8098265a]



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