Twenty-something "girl-creature".
I like true crime n' wine.

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Ravenous, Hellraiser 2, Sunshine, Cube, The Fall, Martyrs, Titus, The Collector, Triangle, Stoker, 30 Days of Night, Pontypool, V/H/S, Silent Hill, Being John Malkovich, Hard Candy, Legend, Excision, The Thing, The Orphanage, Hellboy, I Saw the Devil, Insidious, Event Horizon, It Follows, Nightbreed, The Neon Demon

Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Amon Tobin, Hecq, Dead Virgin, Balam Acab, Flying Lotus, Danger, Silver Strain, Trifonic, The Haxan Cloak, Lorn, Lukid, Flume, Eprom, Samiyam, Onra, Sweet Valley