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HI, My name is Rose i am 16, i have hunny brown hair and blue eyes in real life,I am in total love with Hip hop, R&B, and Pop! i like to play alot of sports like soccer, volleyball, track, football, and swiming, but don't get me wrong i like lots of girl things too. I like a guy that will do anything for his girl not just get her things but i am fine with,but the bottom line the guy has to like me and make me feel like he does. I am a total b***h but u get used to it after a while. i love the color black on people and red is hott on anyone. I have great friends on gaia and off. I can trash talk anyone if they try to do that to me. I look out for my friends all the way everyday. I am sorry if this offfends anyone but i don't judge a person by personality i judge by looks and i know i am not the only one. Well i love TIGERS and shopping, i am spoild ,but not bratty, and i am a daddy's girl. I was born in newyork, and have traveld to lots of places. I love to travel anywhere overseas or just from state to state! So now you have wasted your time stalking my profile wink i hope you kno u have just been reported if u have been on for more then 2 minutes aha sorry MOFO you brought this on urself <3 jkayyyy aha no seriously get off :p

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Beauty only gets attention Personality captures the heart. Ill stick to attention hearts break too easily <3