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thereiza_blue Report | 05/26/2009 7:47 am
thereiza_blue Report | 05/26/2009 7:29 am
thanks for buying!

Tremulous Terms

This is my, Winterwoowoo's, Art account, in the case that I decide to sell my talents to those who would care for a more than flattering portrait of their avatar. *laughs* If you'd like to chat, amble on over to my main and send a pm my way!

IMPORTANT! Please Read Through The Entire Details Of My Business BEFORE Requesting!

Currently Commissions are: Open/Closed

Taking Submissions By The Following Terms:

1. You are never to take my signature off. It's not so much that I care whether you use my art or not, it's that I don't want to take part in any kind of lie.
2.No homosexuality (yaoi or yuri) or overly prominent sexuality, or anything lewd or immoral Not only do I find it personally offensive, but I want my art and my talent to bring glory to God, not blaspheme Him.
3.No due dates! Though most art will only take a week at the maximum, I can only draw so fast! Never rush a genius at work. *grins* You don't want it sloppy, do you?
4.Only send emails to my main account! It will just become confusing if I don't delegate them to one place. Sadly I am easily confuzzled. -_-;
5. Have fun! Mix up the poses, do multiple people, have rainbow eyes for all I care. I'll draw Boy/girl couples, just clean drawings. Somethings should stay private! >,>

Kinds I Do

Styles Available: Waist-up view, Full Body, Chibi, Realistic

Pen line:
Styles Available: Bust view (head&chest), Full Body, Realistic
Examples: 1 2 3

Colored Pencil:
Styles Available: Bust view (head&chest), Chibi

Poses available:

NOTE!: You must specify the pose in detail in the extra section on the form (holding this, waving, peace sign, knee bent, wind blowing hair, etc.)

Full Body: sitting front, sitting 3/4, standing front or 3/4, running above or front, leaning to the side front or 3/4

Bust and waist-up: front, 3/4, 2/4,1/4, side (I'll give examples of these later)

Chibi: Front, falling, 3/4,side

More examples coming soon!


All prices are in the official gaia online currency, gold, and/or items selected from winterwoowoo's wish list totaling the fee of your request.


Sketches: Waist-up and Chibi are 7,000; Realistic is 7,600
Pen line: Bust view is 6500; Full Body and Realistic are 7,500
Colored Pencil: Bust view is 7,000; Chibi is 6,500


Note: Added characters in chibi (up to three) and pets such as kiki kitty are thrown in free. Characters and pets may not exceed 3, for now, although that may change in the future)

Couples are 1,000 more using any medium.
Up to three extra characters is 2,000 more using any medium.

Simple Background is 2,000 more using colored pencil or sketching.
(Backgrounds are NOT currently available in pen line)

A frame, such as a ribbon, is 1000 more in pen line and sketch, 2000 in colored pencil.

The Request Form:

..Is coming soon! I'll post it once I'm ready for commissions!


I will hand out a few freebies to my friends and during the holidays, or if I'm feeling particularly generous. *wink* The kind depends on my mood.

See you so-o-on, Nya~

Hello! I'm Sumi and that's Aiko!

My dream!