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Idlewylde Report | 02/27/2018 8:51 pm
((#AlmostshipsAlvinandJuno.... Though he'd not be a good guy for her, and more than likely a pest))
Idlewylde Report | 02/23/2018 8:21 pm
Neonatal, most people just assume audiology so thank you for asking! Dani paused thinking a moment Are you a librarian or studying?
Idlewylde Report | 02/23/2018 7:30 pm
Seems like a good place for any kind of clandestined work Dani signed with a slight brow wiggle. Hey med students need to blow steam some how.

Idlewylde Report | 02/22/2018 9:10 pm
Yeah, Mortimer and I have a cabin in a faerie knowe we won in a game of skill...It's a long story, but it's protected by far magic so normal folks can't find it easily.

((yeah, we started a city of mists campaign, highly recommend if you like fate! I loved the old fate system for the dresden files Rpg))
Idlewylde Report | 02/22/2018 7:37 pm
I'D LOVE TO, Dani signed emphatically, i have a partner, its a long story... But we've never been a part of a team before!

((In the table top RPG we play my hubby made a magic Raven based off my other OC Mortimer who has cool shadow powers.))
Idlewylde Report | 02/22/2018 6:54 pm
Almost giddy to have some one to sign with, Dani signs back Since the briarheart started germenating and spreading its magic... So like 18? It was in my undergrad when I started making more waves. Juggling med school and fighting supernatural bad guys is a lot to juggle now. I don't know how I'll manage once I start doing my rounds in internship.

Idlewylde Report | 02/20/2018 10:04 pm
"We Super girls have to stick together, " Dani typed in her text to speech app with a smile.
Idlewylde Report | 02/19/2018 10:30 pm
I think our current OCs could be buddies... if Juno could get over how strange Dani's powers are.
heart valve of justice Report | 11/15/2017 10:29 pm
heart valve of justice
gaia_diamond gaia_kittenstar Your avy is stunning!!! gaia_diamond
Johannes Cabal Report | 11/15/2017 7:59 pm
Johannes Cabal
Well, there's two someones with cool names then



thief Disguised as a noble lady-- don't blow her cover!

RIP Lamia