My crazy corner

Hello, I'm Dino
So, I'm the person whose page your staring at heplessly. hahaah. I kid I kid. No, I'm cool. In terms of labels I am label Emo,Punk,rocker,Ass, and stupid. Do I really care..? No, it's just words that has no affect I mean I get pretty emotional when I get teased but, everyones dramatic in there own twisted way. So laugh laugh I tell you laugh!. I'm currently 17. I'll be 18 June 21,2014 was the point of changing that? I'd have to change it in the next year anyway? I mean right? My Hobbies are:
~ Gawd, and explaing how the goverment sucks!
So now that I've told you somewhat bout me hopefully you'll try to get to know me?? Who knows everyones a b*tch. Whateverr, So, add me on thing. So relationships? I'm Bisexual!!!! Get over it fag c= I'll still love you. But, as I was saying sweet cheeks. I don't cheat I've cheated twice never done it again. I I I fall inlove quick. Add me on other websites I dare you.c=
~Facebook: Dino Insainty
~ MeetMe- Dino
~ Youtube: iiRANDdOm