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Hello visitors, My username is BeaTingSouL826 and this is my profile. smile

My name is not important. Just call me Beat biggrin
I am currently 19 years old, birthday may 24th
I'm obviously a 90's kid 3nodding
I have a Xbox one, user: BeaTing SouL826 (notice the space) xd
I am a COD fan, I have them all mostly. ninja
Also a GTA 5 fan, I am currently level 216 redface
This isn't my first account on gaia. Its like my 4th one redface
I don't have a girlfriend, and don't want one from past experiences stare
I am dog person dramallama
I love cake emo
Obviously i'm a gamer scream
I'm in college for graphic design biggrin
I play clash of clans.and my clan name is King Barbarians. come and join! xp

If you read this all congratulations, if you want to know more PM me or talk to me and ill add more to the list.

SEE YA razz

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Last Login: 04/23/2020 1:33 am

Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/24

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My clan for other games come and join :D

Leave a comment if you like :)

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canadian trash Report | 02/10/2016 5:11 pm
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Guess what stare
jellycakeangie Report | 02/05/2016 1:32 pm
No Pokemon for you Mr. Geeky Nerd
canadian trash Report | 01/31/2016 8:29 am
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canadian trash Report | 01/28/2016 6:01 pm
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rofl shutup. dude where the ******** are you?
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You Bat Rastard.
canadian trash Report | 01/27/2016 7:33 pm
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don't leave me and then comment on my profile stare
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it will. don't tell me I can't do anything. because I can. scream
and I will find you.
and I will kill you.

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