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I like hockey and anime. I also like my pets, most animals, video games and am learning animation and digital art as a relaxing hobby oh and stuff. I raise my own meat and grow most my own veggies because it is a lot better then store bought since I know how the goods were raised. I have lived in the desert and am the god of biscuits. I now live in the woods and have been having fun causing trouble for the neighbors I mean alongside the neighbors smile
Music: is something I have around at almost all times. I listen to classic rock, hard rock, and metal mostly. I also listen to video game music and anime music as well as celtic bagpipes and punk.

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Otami Greaves
Lumberjack Secondhand Shirt
Twinkle the Space Goat
Ironcrusher Armor
Bahn Hammur
Oni Set
Year of the Tiger
Uncanny Form

music and stuff


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heartless_blackhole Report | 07/13/2012 7:55 pm
thanks imma change her after i'm done responding to comments because i haven't changed in 17 days and that's along time for me lol
heartless_blackhole Report | 06/26/2012 3:24 pm
It has so I decided to drop a comment xD And your avii looks like an owl which is awesome.
I've been pretty good it all depends on the day. How have you been ?
heartless_blackhole Report | 06/18/2012 2:35 pm
hai 3nodding
Dark_fire69 Report | 01/24/2012 8:45 am
Dark_fire69 Report | 01/16/2012 7:04 pm
Hey there ninja pirate
emo_ninja_chi Report | 12/06/2011 6:25 am
Tis ^^ And your default picture is soo cute ! heart Eh, I know how that is. People need to realize a relationship is for two people. And two people only.
Dark_fire69 Report | 12/05/2011 6:32 pm
oh ya i couldn't find you on imvu..
Dark_fire69 Report | 12/05/2011 6:31 pm
ya i hear that but still i'm called the rainbow sin for something right ya i need to get the hell out of here... everyone seems to leave because nc sucks lol ninja
emo_ninja_chi Report | 12/05/2011 11:15 am
No sometimes busy can be good because it prevents boredom ^^ We have no snow here so you can donate some lol Thank youu [:
Why ish you fighting with them ? And what tis your Facebook name so I can add youu !
Dark_fire69 Report | 12/04/2011 5:40 pm
eh me and that much hard lador don't work so well lol.... ya i seriously need to get the hell out of here.... she is going down to florida in jan.. loki lives down there

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