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batty abortionist

be fixin' all yer baby problems, kk?


Overexposure to me may result in the following side effects. amnesia, intarnet cat abuse, harry potter spoilers, spontaneous combustion, loss of sanity, immaculate conception, coathanger abortion, epic lulz, lime disease, fairytale paraphernalia, fail, a part of this good breakfast, dumbledore's gay.

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I have a v****a.
Je n'suis pas francais.
I live in a giant BUCKET. Understood? TIE YOUR SHOE!
FFS I don't care who you are.

Despite by apparent display of not-so-intelligence, I'm quite the smart cookie. That means I can hold a decent conversation. Oh Jesus, it's the impossible!
I has a boy. He's such a noob, but I love his guts
Srsly guys, we're pretty damn cute :3
I would be so very happy if you so decided to talk to me
Random internet conversation is my love.


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