Hello. My name is Batta-Rei. I forgot part of my name now. Call me whatever?
I really don't like the color red, I sleep under futons, and I have a long tongue fetish. To anyone who successfully points me to a proper picture of said fetish earns you a smiley.

I'm an elitist snob who enjoys roleplaying, and I know everything. I halfway believe in the difference between IC and OOC knowledge, because if you're really reading the profile, you're using your ooc knowledge to plan out your next IC action, be it battle or simple chat. It's not that hard to see that.

Scythes and mind-reading are stupidly overrated. Men with hair that looks like a bird's nest need to be shaved. And girls with giant chests need to have needles taken to them and watch the years transpire in a matter of seconds. That's right, I'm a damn flat chest, and laughing at the bimbos who are desperately trying to keep their "funbags" inflated now that they're sagging. For anyone who doesn't believe, flying around my apartment without the need for a bra on makes you the GOD of women.

Cameras are EVIL. They take a way a fraction of your youth every time. Why do you think we all look back at pictures and go "holy s**t, I looked good back then"? Because you DID, and the use of the camera has stolen that much of your life from you. Geez. Video isn't as evil, but it's the internet folks, serious business. They need to add that to the list of the rules of the internet: Do not show your stuff online, or be prepared to accept the consequences of finding it EVERYWHERE.

Short hair is ugly. I don't mean like chin length, I mean like ear length or shorter. "But long hair is SOOOOO hard to take care of! Waaaaa...wahhhh! [/sobbing b***h] Oh get over your lazy s**t self and grow it out ANYWAY. Unless you're a huge chested bimbo. In which case you should still have hair, but it doesn't matter as much, since guys stare at your chest and not your head. So for us of the "tsurupettan" nature, or uber flat-chest status (we look pre-pubescent. cool ) Anything else is key to making ourselves look legal.

I don't enjoy spending fourteen hours in a county jail for possession of alcohol when I'm perfectly legal to drink. IN MY ******** HOUSE, DAMN YOU.

Summary for you LAZY ********:
  • I don't like redheads.
  • I am a flat-chest.
  • You couldn't possibly beat me in rp or in real life
  • I know more about everything non-personal than you do. PERIOD. Why? Because I have the INTERNET.
  • I like ugly things and hate stereotypes, and will go OUT OF MY WAY to prove that ugly things are indeed the ones who hold the cans of whoop-a** to open whenever they want to. (Quasimodo is my disney hero, for the record.)
  • Pointing something out or lecturing me on something I MAY have gotten wrong doesn't make you smarter. It just inflates your own ego so that I may pop and deflate it whenever I choose. You people really do set yourselves up for it. Seriously.
  • DO NOT WANT FRIENDS REQUESTS - Serious? "AHHMFG! It's a PERSON! I want to be hur FREIND!!11114@ [If I send you the friends request, then it's acceptable, because then you are deemed worthy to yak my ear off about your problems. I do listen to my friends and their social issues. However, this does not grant you the opportunity to go every day "Hi, how are you?". I dislike those strongly. If you're going to use me, be straightforward and quit beating around the pubic bush.
  • I am always angry.
  • I hate most anime.
  • I hate being introduced to the wrong type of music at the time.
  • I have a JOB, but I manage to hop online every day to check the nothing that's happening on gaia. I don't know what the ******** your problems are, nor do I care. Unless you're a single parent running two jobs to feed your family, you ain't got an excuse not to at least pop online and chat. I work overnights, days, weekends, and ANY shift employers can throw at me.
  • Comb your hair. LOVE it!
  • Be honest with me about yourself, and things'll go better. No webcams. I hate webcams. Hence. Camera. >.O

    More will be written when I'm not under the influence of alcohol.

    If I have to explain further, well.....um. Eep.

    *please leave a pm after the beep* BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....*you get the picture folks, it's not going to end.*