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Hello my name is Bartholomew. Some call me Eric or Ezekiel as well. I've been apart of gaia since it's birth in 03 and i'll most likely be around at it's death. My profile is full of secrets and little hidden gems, like myself. While I am mostly inactive, I tend to lurk the boards and post from time to time, I most frequent Chatterbox. I am also a very big fan of anything horror related, my favorite author is H.P. Lovecraft and I hope I can maybe become as a good a writer as he was.

I am friendly and will get to your PMs as quickly as I can feel free to shoot me one if you so desire and ask me anything you want, excluding sexual favors.

Hope to hear from you soon. Yes you. Reading this profile.

For those searching their art they've made for me? I have made this link. Keep up the cool work!