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ZlatoMato Report | 01/15/2018 10:39 pm
Yooo!!! What is up, havent been on here in a while but thought I'd say hey mrgreen
I might be on here more though :p
IxI_Kuro_Yuuki_IxI Report | 07/30/2017 6:46 am
I do hope I'll be seeing you around! biggrin we can do a round of smob/smeb or dms xD I've been playing zOMG as of late cuz I'm quite free.
IxI_Kuro_Yuuki_IxI Report | 07/27/2017 10:27 pm
I concur. We probably met on zOMG! a while back though. Perhaps smob-ed together quite a bit. These are wild guesses based on instincts. Don't trust my memory though. whee
wolf girl -paw- Report | 07/25/2017 10:38 pm
wolf girl -paw-
ps does mean papa saw
if you have a slow computer it lags the hell out of you and sometimes when you kill saws they stay on the screen and their sprites are moving, but frozen (it's so creepy rip)
damn that sucks sad i couldn't play at first bc of how slow flash is on my computer > sad
wolf girl -paw- Report | 07/22/2017 6:32 pm
wolf girl -paw-
i appreciate you reaching out to me!
zomg got removed for a while for stupid reasons and now it's back 3nodding
tbh if you join a PS crew with experienced people you get get 1,000,000 kinda quickly (2-3 hours) and a lot of rings to salvage too!
wolf girl -paw- Report | 07/19/2017 7:32 am
wolf girl -paw-
omfg hi!!!
i'm doing well, it's good to see you're back online!
IxI_Kuro_Yuuki_IxI Report | 03/15/2017 11:53 am
Hey man, hows it going.
I'll be honest, I have forgotten who you are, but I have a feeling we used to hang out quite a bit.
The Condom Broke Report | 12/21/2014 1:04 am
The Condom Broke
do you have a kik ? o;
its okay that happened to my laptop as well when i came back home it didnt seem to want to connect cause maybe it was used to my dorm connection or somthin it got better though c:
works going good, i gained another job doe thats 3 in total its sorta hard but it keeps my mind off of things
im racking in the moneys now but im saving so i only take like 10% and put the rest in my savings
The Condom Broke Report | 12/21/2014 12:00 am
The Condom Broke
ooooo bad internet connection huh ? o;
that sucks but its okaaay maybe another time ?
it does get really boring i usually just lurk in the cb forums or im on town of salem or skype
most of the time im working though so i just get on using my phone cause im addicted you know
The Condom Broke Report | 12/20/2014 11:39 pm
The Condom Broke
lol yea do that~
so howve you been?
are you busy rn?
do you wanna hang out in towns? c: