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Baron Von Strucker

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Birthday: 12/31


Born in the late 19th century to a Prussian noble family who had relocated to Strucker Castle in Bavaria following the Franco-Prussian War, Wolfgang von Strucker became a Heidelberg fencing champion, and was disfigured by facial scars.

Strucker fought for Germany during World War I, during which he first encountered the jewel "Momentary Princess," which was fated to appear and disappear at regular intervals of time. Wolfgang pursued the jewel in the decades that followed.

When Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933, Baron Strucker joined the Nazi Party, becoming infamous in the following years. In 1936 he and Geist, one of Hitler's top men, allied themselves with the Egyptian mentalist Amahl Farouk (secretly the Shadow King) in an attempt to dispute the lineage of England's royal family and install a new king who would be sympathetic to the Nazis. Their plot was thwarted by the Canadian adventurer Logan and the time-traveling members of Excalibur, Kitty Pryde and Phoenix.

In 1937, German Intelligence agent Strucker was sent to the United States to assassinate Senator Fulton, but he was foiled by brigand-for-hire Dominic Fortune.

He later led a disastrous invasion of Wakanda with Red Skull. Though his forces were decimated by Azzari the Wise and Captain America, Strucker was allowed to go free so that he could warn Germany not to attempt another assault.

After the fall of the Nazi regime, Strucker kidnapped a young woman named Gabrielle Haller in order to use her to find hidden cache of Nazi gold (with which he planned to fund his new organization, HYDRA), but was defeated by a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr.

In the years following World War II Strucker truly showed his greatest strategic genius. As the United States created espionage unit SHIELD (much in part to the growing number of superhumans), Strucker managed to make several HYDRA agents seem like genuine heroes by starting conflicts that they would solve. HYDRA took large portions of SHIELD as their own, and the entire organization was corrupted. No one knew this though, and thus HYDRA had access to information and influence with the US and British governments not knowing how to stop it. During this time, Strucker gave birth to twins: Andreas and Andrea von Strucker. He remained distant from them, but had HYDRA ideals taught to them from a young age.

Deathspore Virus: Von Strucker's bloodstream has been infected with the fatal deathspore virus which, rather than killing him, grants him an array of superhuman abilities.

Suppressed Aging: Von Strucker has not aged since contracting the virus.[6]
Durability: Von Strucker is invulnerable to minor injuries like cuts, gunshot wounds, and superpowered punches.

Regenerative healing factor: Heals at an incredible rate and is possibly also resistant to toxins and disease.

Death Spore Release: Von Strucker can temporarily release the virus from his body over short distances. Depending on the intensity, von Strucker can cause his victims to weaken, feel pain, or even die. When von Strucker dies, the Death Spore Virus will be automatically released and "take revenge on [his] killers, and everybody else." The Virus seems to be incapable of killing superhuman or artificially enhanced beings, but is still capable of hurting or weakening them.

Expert Combatant: He is a masterful combatant, surpassing most in physical skill and prowess.
Expert Swordsman: He is a world-class fencer portraying phenomenal skill ability with rapier, medieval broadswords, and possibly other weapons used in Medieval Europe.
Expert Marksman: Strucker is an Olympic-level marksman with firearms.[121]
Expert Tactician: Strucker is a strategic and tactical genius, as well as a brilliant planner and organizer. He also has an impressive scientific and inventive ability, but not at the level his father was. He is very skilled in field tactics, close range combat, and even turning the tide of any debate that he is involved in to his favor.
Strength level
Peak human strength. Can be enhanced by Satan Claw


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