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Hey, I'm BaneKicksDavid. If anyone here watches Prince of Tennis then you know that Bane kicks David whenever he tells a stupid pun (which I think are funny). Those two are also two of my favorite characters. Believe it!(Ha! I brought in Naruto's famous quote)

Let's see.....I have way too many bands and singers that I like to list. God, it'd take me forever to type. Here's a few. MCR, Bowling for Soup, All-American Rejects, Rascal Flats, Kanye West, Beyonce, Boys like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlottle, and Simple Plan. And I doubt that's even 1/6 of what I have on my iPod.

Obviously, if you look at my avatars on my profile, I'm a huge Tenimyu/Prince of Tennis fan. You can probably tell by all of the Tenimyu/Prince of Tennis avatars. Actually, most of my photobucket account is Tenimyu/Prince of Tennis pic. 've been addicted to Tenimyu/Prince of Tennis for a while now. Who knows. I drew a picture using Kaidoh as a model one day and it ended up looking like Ishida Tetsu from Fudomine (I forgot the hair).

That's about it. I'll be putting up interests soon. To pass the time, look at the awesome pics down at the bottom (MAMORU MIYANO AND KOKI TANAKA!!) or listen to Don't U Ever Stop by KAT-TUN.