Hey hey Im Taylor also known as
Nicole,Goatcock,Balloon,Tay Tay Islar Wolf
Butter,Sushi,Object,Waffles,Bambi,and Tater.

I'm not your average person.
I'll believe in anything.
And I Love You.
My view on the world is most likely different then yours.
I'm nothing without you.
Music and art are my release.
If you're a friend, you're family.
You generally won't like what I like.
I've played piano for six years.
And guitar for three.
Most of my day is spent drawing.
I have hopes and dreams for my art.
I'm really shy.
And get distracted easily.
I'm a naturally loud person.
I'm very forgetful.
Im very clumsy.
I tend to scare people.
Hopefully you'll remember me.

Im not here to impress anyone.
I, myself, am made of entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.

Things about me on Gaia:
--I talk to anyone.
--I accept random friend requests.
--I comment random people, get over it.
--I use faces alot, sorry if it bugs you.
--Im a dork and I roleplay, send me starters.
--Im on alot, so hit me up: )