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bucket of cheese

Report | 11/27/2005 9:46 am

bucket of cheese

*finds your first comment worth laughing over* I have my piece already ^^. Nah you are a really great guy and when I can afford to fly there I'm going to tackle you to the ground razz and win though pool games. Keep looking great and stay well


Report | 11/26/2005 12:22 am


random hello.

Report | 11/22/2005 1:59 am


*laughs about the first comment* xD
*squeezes Balracks cheeks and smiles* ^.^#

Report | 11/16/2005 10:54 am


MMUUHAA HAA HAA!! Dibs on first comment!!!

**runs over n sits on u** bleh!!! i smooshed u! **claps like a nerd n smirks** ok so u may be older then me but in gaia ur not old. Cause as long as u act mature yet fun age doesnt matter **nods n pokes ur nose** smiles**

N besides its fun ta talk to u. Though i am worried about the " i dont sleep" thing lol. Mr if u ever do make it out to cali be sure ta track me down **smiles n winks** ohh n like i said before if u come to the states keep the condoms at the ready **giggles n smirks** a fine man like ur self ull have swirms of girls over u **nods**

girlies the guy is good looking and quite the gentelman take a chunk while u can **laughs n runs off with my chunk*