Walking in my world :]

I really am a lovely person, just take the time to get to know me, I hate to be judged from the get go.
I like to smile and cheer peoples days up if I can biggrin
Lifes never easy, and it has many ups and downs, for many reasons, you just have to fight your way through them. Some of what I've been through, I didn't know I'd be able to, but I'm thankful to people like my friends and family for when they may have been there... Yes people past and present smile
I work full time, 8am till 5:45pm 5 days a week, I drive, and I loveeee it so much, my car is my baby♥
I like music from green day, to a fine frenzy, to peter gabriel, to lady gaga, my music taste is like a packet of skittles haha, smile

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