You can call me baka, pandii or by my real name, if you know it.
I was formally known as xX_Suzume_Xx and SuzuPanda but that was from the dark ages.
Been a member since 2004.

I'm 25 now, and i have a life now. sweatdrop
Which mainly consists of working in the salon and doing adulty stuff. If no, then hanging out with my friends and being on the computer, used to be very active but that has gone down quite a bit.
So give me a reason to stay on ehh? ;3

I enjoy attending anime conventions, concerts, raves and usually anything else that's related to the above. Also enjoy cute s**t, doing hair/make-up, making up outfits, art, sushi and crafting. I'm a crafty b***h.

But of course this little description can only describe me so much, only way to get to know me is by talking to me. So dont be afraid to drop a message.