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The Pumkinman Report | 02/03/2013 10:26 am
The Pumkinman
[hi 5] dramallama
Asian_CyCLoNeXO Report | 04/12/2010 7:28 pm
Thanks for the comment.
"I'm Very Thankful For Wishing Me a Happy Birthy."
Ty, smile ~
Kami Yasuko Report | 02/19/2010 8:11 pm
Kami Yasuko
well look on his profile, Yesenia's profile then you can find out. I trying my best to help him
Kami Yasuko Report | 02/19/2010 8:04 pm
Kami Yasuko
Well.. You have to asked him
Kami Yasuko Report | 02/19/2010 7:37 pm
Kami Yasuko
not good, waiting for crossell get back on
The Pumkinman Report | 12/01/2009 6:43 pm
The Pumkinman
no i've never had that but it sounds awesome. i want some now. and cool ur not a cow anymore ^^
The Pumkinman Report | 11/28/2009 8:19 am
The Pumkinman
lol haha u cant be neutral buddy. right now im team edward but it might change after i see new moon. and i didnt eat nearly enough but i still want some more pumpkin pie ^^
The Pumkinman Report | 11/27/2009 4:09 am
The Pumkinman
haha ok. i still havent seen it but i want to. are u team jacob or team edward? man im so sleepy. how did ur thanksgiving go?
The Pumkinman Report | 11/10/2009 3:56 pm
The Pumkinman
lol that sucks
deathfox510 Report | 11/06/2009 3:48 pm
cows go moo sheep go baa la la la


well u can call me Cindy and here's some things i like:
movies: TWILIGHT!!!, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Transformer movies, 21, Queen of the Damned, (all) Return of the Mummy movies, the Fast and the Furious, Fantastic 4, Spider-man movies, and many others
Anime/manga: Fruits Basket, Miki Falls, Absolute Boyfriend, Evangelion,Tokyo Mew Mew ... and more!
TV shows: Pokemon, Johnny Test, Kirby, Sonic X, Reba, the king of queens, my wife and kids, berney mac, HEROES!!, SARAH CONNER CHONICLES, moonlight (they took it off tv =[ ), kitchen nightmares, Fringe, The mentalist all CSI's, cold case, NCIS, without a trace, Numbers and more!! (i know i watch a lot of tv) omg
books: TWILIGHT SERIES!!! Fruits basket , miki falls, absolute boyfriend, goosebumps books (they don't scare me, they're funny!!), and some random good books i've read.
music/bands: THREE DAYS GRACE!, FALL OUT BOY, Good Charlotte, LINKIN' PARK!!, EVANESCENCE, BREAKING BENJAMIN!!!, Green day, Nickleback, Seether, Simple Plan, Snow Patrol, Staind, System of a Down, Weezer, Perfect Circle, Limp Biscuit, Korn (can't do backwards R), Incubus, Blink 182 , 311 and more i can't think of...
things i like to do: Drawing, drawing anime,drawing animals, drawing people, reading manga, listening to music, playing video games, and computer games, play sonic, the Sims2, Animal crossing and other stuff...

it's gir!! =D

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"Hi floor, make me a samich!!-Gir from Invader Zim xd
"I gotta go pig, i'll see u later!"-Gir
"Who threw that Pork-cow?!"-Zim answer:"That's a stinkin' muffin!!!"

My dream avis! =D

User Image

Estimated Value:
626,873 Gold
White Galoshes
1,320 Gold
Antarctic White Polyester Pants
1,020 Gold
White Whiskers Face Tattoo
1,700 Gold
Panda Plushie
11,970 Gold
Enchanted Book 6th Gen.
124,143 Gold
Padmavati's Lotus 3rd Gen.
261,666 Gold
Kelp o' th' Loch 3rd Gen.
114,600 Gold
Laceback Jacket
6,273 Gold
Crystal Fluff Plushie
84,764 Gold
Angus the Scottie Plushie
19,317 Gold
Vampire Potion
100 Gold

User Image

Estimated Value:
334,086 Gold
Winter Rose
73,885 Gold
Angel Imp Potion
24,000 Gold
Plain Fluff Plushie
1,800 Gold
Sven the Penguin
6,996 Gold
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 3rd gen.
99,667 Gold
Fallen Wish 7th Gen.
127,738 Gold

User Image

Estimated Value:
490,104 Gold
Radiant Prism
22,350 Gold
Purple Heart Hairpin
500 Gold
Enchanted Book 5th Gen.
121,999 Gold
Padmavati's Lotus 3rd Gen.
250,714 Gold
Crystal Fluff Plushie
84,712 Gold
9,729 Gold
Vampire Potion
100 Gold

User Image

Estimated Value:
218,838 Gold
Gift of the Goddess
35,976 Gold
Elemental Wings
44,287 Gold
Fairy Shoes
700 Gold
Emerald Milady Skirt
21,240 Gold
Coocoon (5th Gen)
38,330 Gold
Coocoon (5th Gen)
38,330 Gold
Coocoon (5th Gen)
38,330 Gold
Apple Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top
1,645 Gold

User Image

Estimated Value:
542,609 Gold
Elemental Wings
44,287 Gold
Black Saloon Girl Chandelle Boa
1,980 Gold
Biancamella 2nd Gen
137,000 Gold
Baby Blue Fuzzy Bath Slippers
720 Gold
Teal Flow Prom Dress
2,000 Gold
Ice Tiara
14,829 Gold
Inari's Beads
304,397 Gold
Panda Plushie
12,160 Gold
Year of the Tiger
25,086 Gold
Silver Hoop Earrings
150 Gold

User Image

Estimated Value:
669,657 Gold
Fox Ears
10,600 Gold
Inari's Beads 7th Gen
285,020 Gold
Inari's Beads 11th Gen
269,875 Gold
Elemental Wings
44,287 Gold
Tail of the Black Beast
12,240 Gold
Black Flow Prom Dress
2,000 Gold
Onyx Milady Skirt
21,240 Gold
Panda Plushie
12,160 Gold
Rock Hard
12,235 Gold

User Image

Estimated Value:
332,348 Gold
Wild Things
16,709 Gold
The Lusty Scoundrel
19,541 Gold
Warm Starter Surfer Girl Flip-Flops
5 Gold
Inari's Beads 11th Gen
269,875 Gold
Gold Stripes Head Tattoo
2,098 Gold
Gold Metallic Speedies Bottom
385 Gold
Gold Metallic Speedies Top
435 Gold
Fausto's Bottle 8th gen.
23,300 Gold
Snaily the Snail
Messenger of Death0
Greg and his guitar
Vincent Starr
Fantasme Delicieux
Homicidal Muffinz
The Pumkinman

i'm cindy's bestest friend. i love orange and i'm random!!XD (old profile)

hello!i'm crazy about Twilight and we all love vampires!! i love purple!!=D

Twilight iz awsome!!Alicethegreatgreenbean and Angel52889r da bestest friends eva!!

I am a huge Twilight fan!!!

i'm cindy's bestestest friend(new profile)

Isn't this background the best??!!

yay!my sis!!!

This is my friend from DA (deviant art)=D =) ^^ ^_^

This is another friend from DA

This is Greg and he's cool =D

Dr. Pepper!!!




He has a DA account now too! =)

has a DA account now also ^^