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People be callin' me Ben. (: I'm simply laidback w/ an IDGAF mentality. Born and raised in Hawaii. I laugh when I can & at basically anything & everything. I say a lot of random things all the time just because it ran through my mind at that certain moment. I'm a curious person. I sing. I apologize when I should have to. I make mistakes, but I learn from them afterwards. I day dream <3 I state facts. God/Fam/Friends/my
<3 is my true source of happiness. I don't blend in. I love, I hate, I vape & imaginate. I'm human, if you didn't know that yet. I like anime. I'm active. Gym is my second home. Sleeping is my occupation. I love food. I love the beach. I'm strange. I'm outgoing. I don't like people who judge me without even knowing me. Then again IDGAF, but thanks for thinking about me enough for you to have something to say (: I never forget about the people who have made an impact in my life. I believe in second chances, depending on the situation. Idc for much unless it truly matters. Simple things make me happy. Life's to short to be dwelling on the past.

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