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PhoenixFirecat Report | 07/06/2010 6:44 pm
cool avi
ir0nman Report | 09/24/2007 8:37 am
im a major dork for doing this but hi!!!guess who this is!!
Faladyne Report | 09/03/2007 4:12 pm
*gasp* SHE'S OVER THERE! *runs off in the wrong direction*
Rawrlicia Report | 01/24/2007 8:34 am
*Randomly bombs with fortune cookies*
kai_tora Report | 09/01/2006 8:56 am
I always miss you...*huggles and gives donut*
Rawrlicia Report | 08/25/2006 9:09 am
Yeah...Sorry about that...*Grins and cleans up mess* Randomness, my name is TyKat12.
BadDragonNoPepsi Report | 08/23/2006 7:32 am
Wow....that's just...wow....but it made me feel better....but still wow....
Rawrlicia Report | 08/21/2006 1:21 am
*Decides to finish attack* Hey....I've run out of cupcakes. *Eyes widen and does double take* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!*Pulls out easy bake oven but can't find and outlet on DB's site* I CURSE YOU AGAIN YOU EVIL OVEN OF NONWORKINESS!!!!!!! YOU SHALL PAY!!!!!! *Sets easy bake oven on remote island and bombs it with a frosting nuke.* *Huge pink mushroom cloud* HAHAHAHAHA ( I'm laughing so hard right now....)
Rawrlicia Report | 08/19/2006 7:41 pm
*Shoots entire profile with cupcakes*
kai_tora Report | 08/02/2006 8:07 am


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Location: I'm over there!! **points opposite direction**

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How my name came about:

I was doing something hyper, and my friends dreamer_of_oceans and jeweltucker wanted to fine something to take away from me. I was holding a Pepsi bottle, so the next thing I knew, one of them said, "Bad Dragon! No Pepsi!"

And the name (and joke) stuck.

Some of the people in our co-ed fraternity even ask if I've been a good dragon when I get a Pepsi. So I think the name is permanent now....


My dragon!!

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I am a fan of MMORPGs, table top RPGs, and video games.

MMORPGs: RagnarokOnline, GuildWars, DragonFable (not really MMO, but still popular)

Table Tops: D&D, Star Wars, Munchkin, and GURPS. I mostly do D&D though.

Video games: mostly PS2 games, specifically Soul CAliber 2&3, .hack games, KH 1&2, and currently FFX.

I play Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: the Gathering as well.


Random quotes:

I like eating raddish squirrels and shiny moosechillas. They taste sparkly. ~PFcat

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I iz happeh pandah!