Here is something about me generally....
Hi There!! My name is.......Badzy..hehehe...not real... I wish i can be a good friend to u all!! So, please feel free to add me and talk to me! I love friends!! And....as u can see...my avatar is not really good, isn't it? Hehehe...well, that's because collecting gold is soooo hard!! But my avatar is really me...i mean her expression is my expression...so if u want to know what mood i'm in, just c my avatar!!! But i can tell u it will almost-always SMILE!!!

I love music so much! I can't hardly live my life without music! That's why i learn ro play piano and cello, even though sometimes i got lazy.. I'm Christian and I love my Jesus so much...everything that happens in my life is good because of Him. And He has died just for our sins. I live with my happy family. We got a turtle and three birds at home. I got one lil' brother.

Hey u all, i know that things in our life are not always good, sometimes we got mad, sad, disappointed, etc...but, trust me, all things do not happen accidentally...if u can learn something from your experiences and can overcome every problems u face, everything will bring joy to your life!! N...one more thing...STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!!! It will only destroy u!!! Now u enjoy, tomorrow the angel of DEATH come to u!! So...i think that's all for now!!

pLeAsEeEeE.....HeLp mE gEt tHe wanted items....every HELP is HIGHLY appreciated!! EVEN if it's 1 GOLD!

Thank you sooooo much to my lovely present-givers:
Babu23, MY SIS, for giving me Labu Necklace, GO Phone, GO Helmet, Slime, Christmast Outfits, and many golds!
Time Witch Yuko Ichihara for giving me ORLY? Hat!
DarkFlare333 for giving me Mimzy and Spirited 27k Hat!


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Report | 10/13/2008 11:20 pm


heyyyy.... how's life? lama ga maen gaia ne XD

Report | 10/07/2008 2:07 pm


wkwkkw.. sapa suru gak nanya, ya gak dikase tau, wakwkkawk XD~
emang, lama bner lu ilangnye, zzzz...
joven masi aktif g si?

hehe,, mochi de puppeh?? XD
lucu ye, gw jg demen ini ma, wkkwkw..

gak bisa kerja, klo maw kerja ilegal... sweatdrop
nanti ketauan gw dideportasi lg, zzzz.....

Report | 10/06/2008 6:46 am


coba aja ke chatterbox/dressing room. bnyk org yg ngadain lomba tektek. klo menang kan mayan, cari yg mau ngasih hadiah gede! twisted
tp yaa,, menangny susah, bis selera orgny aneh2..

arena klo g slh uda ganti d?
ada yg baru gt. coba lu klikny dr arena, trus baru ke avatar. jng lgsg arena->avatar dr toolbar.

haha, gw si lbh suka di indo yaa,, hhehe.

gw tinggal di LA...

Report | 10/05/2008 8:47 am


dulu se gw tektek terus..
kan orang2 suka bikin lomba tektek gt...
yahh,, klo menang mayan...
tapi kebnykan klah se... huhu..

dlu maen ayodance, skrg uda ga, hehe..

yahh,, biasa aja se di amrik...
enakan indo yahh,, hehehe...

Report | 10/04/2008 11:12 am


huhu, dua2ny mahal!!
@10! crying

tau, tektek mah uda lama,hehehe..

sep2, fs gw come_in_action@yahoo.com

haha, males ah ikut eventny, plg gt2 aja.. =p.
mending ikut event ayodance, hohoh~ XD

iyeh, SMA plg enak!! XD~

gw tinggal ama kluarga tante gw di sene..

Report | 10/01/2008 5:39 pm


bwakakkkaka XD~~
haha,, pengen devil imp neh, GRRR!!
tapi klo dpt mau ditaro di mana ya, wkwkkwkwk, uda penuh gini, swt lol

ada,, ada 2-2ny gw!
MSN- h3hehe@hotmail.com
YM- come_in_action@yahoo.com

yap, kdg2 kontek2 ma joven ^^.
masi suka maen ma joven?

haha,males ahh.. swt...
ga enak ikut2 event gt, gw g bs ngmng inggrisny, swt!

kuliah bnyk PR!!!
nasehat kk kelas: nikmatilah masa2mu di loren nak!
kalo uda kuliah cape stengah mati ~_~.

haha, susa ngmng inggrisny ne, GRRR!!
orang2 pd g ngerti gw ngmng apa, gw jg g ngerit mreka ngmgn ape lol

angel imp plushie 3nodding

Report | 10/01/2008 5:08 pm


jahh,, bugil!! SWT!! @_@

Report | 10/01/2008 4:59 pm



aktif lagi plz XD~

wkwkwk,di sini gw g ada kerjan awal2ny..
trus inget gaia...
eh jadi addicted eek swt da, wakwkkawk!!

huahua, thx XD~
dlu kan jarang buka, jadi gak tua seluk beluknya ^^a
ho'oh, plushieny cute smua, wkwkk XD~

gw skrg di amrik, di LA.
kuliah di pasadena city college.

gimana kabarny di loren? ^^

Report | 09/18/2008 10:16 pm


hai2, gak perna OL lagi ne?

pa kabarr???


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