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Things I'm Wearing!


Some s**t That Needs To Be Clear!

Give me your trash!

I am not a bug shop, or flower store.
Whatever you include in a trade that is not a peice of trash shown, I will not pay
for it.

I may just cancel the trade.

If you must give something {flower, bug, etc.} then fine, but I ONLY PAY FOR TRASH!

This is a trash shop.
I also take fish.


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I am always AWESOME!

What up people of the United States! I am a little worried! My bf, sallee90, and I are having quite a few arguments.....over stupid little things and I'm not sure if we are still together or not. I'm gonna be honest..I do love him, but I'm a little a



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Nightmare Goblin

The girls!

The girls!

Name: Ana Dare
Age: 17
Species: Vampire
Bio: She is the goblin kings step daughter who he has sent as an alternative to killing Monet.
Other awesome stuff about you:

Takes nothing from no body
Wants a tattoo
Loves Movies
Likes Dragons
Loves her family
Has a lot of animals
Doesn't like certain people
Hates authority (who doesn't?)
Likes to write poetry
Likes to write stories
Likes to read
Hates tests

Sup' People!

*I reserve the right cancel any trade, and will, when sent
mostly or all trash easily found on the MP for far less. I buy
these as a courtesy
to customers who wish to rid their inventory of all trash.
I won't accept trades from users obviously exploiting my
A good seller
is one who comes to me after a day in towns or
marketplace and sends me a variety.
Just don't assume I'm an idiot. I have no time
for such nonsense.
I usually throw in a few extra gold (a gratuity)
if I'm sent lots o' trash, but that's at my
discretion, not yours.
Thank you

Call me Shawty, that's my nickname.