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<3 when she walks away from you mad:
( follow her )
when she stares at your mouth:
( kiss her )
when she pushes you or hits you:
( grab her and don't let go )
when she starts cussing at you:
( kiss her and tell her you love her )
when she's quiet:
( ask her what's wrong )
when she ignores you:
( give her your attention )
when she pushes you away:
( pull her back to you )
when you see her at her worst:
( tell her she's beautiful )
when you see her start to cry:
( just hold her and don't say a word )
when you see her walking:
( sneak up behind her and give her a hug )
when she's scared:
( protect her )
when she lays her head on your shoulder:
( tilt her head up and kiss her )
when she steals your favorite hat:
( let her keep it and sleep with it for a night )
when she teases you:
( tease her back and make her laugh )
when she doesn't answer for a long time:
( reassure her that everything is ok )
when she looks at you with doubt:
( back yourself up )
when she says she loves you:
( she really does more then you could even understand )
when she holds your hand:
( hold hers )
when she bumps into you:
( bump into her back and make her laugh )
when she tells you a secret:
( keep it safe and untold )
when she looks into your eyes:
( don't look away until she does )
when she misses you:
( she's hurting inside )
when you break her heart:
( the pain never goes away )
when she says it's over:
( she still wants you to be hers )
when she respots this on her page:
( it's cuz she wants you to read it )
when she tells you she loves you:
( tell her you love her back!!!!! )<3

I'm not suppossed to
love you,
I'm not suppossed to
I'm not suppossed to
live my life wishing you
were there...
I'm not suppossed to
where you are or what you do...
I can't help myself.....
I fell in love with you.

-All credit for this poem go to Hannah Silverwind-

What else do you want?
I'm bleeding for you. Isn't that enough??

As the drop of blood runs down my face,
full of despair and sorrow,
taking me away from whom i want,
taking her away from whom she needs.
a feeling of pain inside,not showing on the outside,
but destroying me on the inside,
i see u soo close yet u feel so far away,
u know its u,accept,it always will be.
-All credits go to Anthany3003-

i get a funny feelin inside, it comes frm deep inside. i get all mad nd angry, wantin 2 go nd hide. ma doctor calls it depression, ma mom says it's jst me. but da thoughts nd feelins, no 1 will eva b able 2 see. some say i'm phsyco, some say i'm jst weird. it's like i'm a different person, nd da old me jst dissapeared. i get rlly edgy, i want 2 commit suicide real bad. den i get a headach, followed by feelin sad. i wish i cld get help, i wish it wld go away. maybe if i keep prayin real hard, it will some day

One kiss,
from you i know i love you
hell- a day or hour away from my love
heaven-when your in my arms
One kiss from you,
i know we can be forever
"love you and that will never change"
One kiss from you, is all i need
to prove my love for you
Sweet betrayal, my love

Don’t try to save me

It’s too late now

I’m but an empty shell

What, upset?

I’m all you want me to be

A prim, proper girl

With little personality


Laugh at my suffering

Joke about the pain

It can’t hurt me again

Ignore me, hate me too

I’ll always be your slave

Bound by my chains

I can’t stay away

Sweet betrayal, my love

That’s all you deserve

Laugh, laugh while you can

I’ll get you’ and that will be my end

I walk up and set a rose
Upon the coffin with sadness
I look up and I see her mom
She's on the verge of madness

This isn't how it began
Not how it's supposed to be
I shouldn't even be here now
And I know niether should she

Let's go back to the start
Back when things were easy
Back when everything was good
Back when she was with me

We were young and we were dumb
But we enjoyed our every moment
We were inseperable, the two of us
But sadly this is where happy ends

She was my best friend and I loved her
But she was miserable, I could see
She wrote hate all over her arms
Noone could help her, not even me

One day she said she had a plan
About how to end her pain
I didn't think she was serious
I told her she was insane

I said I couldn't be her friend
Not if she chose to go this way
She said 'fine then you can leave'
I hate myself I should have stayed

I wish I could say this ended well
But try to remember where we are
We're at the church, at her funeral
Her body's with us, yet her mind is far

Now they're digging her a hole
Then they lower her in
I can't stop crying, can't stop sobbing
This is how I lost my best friend

He's the reason why I want to die.
It's all because of that one stupid guy...
Here I am crying,
slowly inching closer to dying.
Why do I feel this way?
Is this the price that I need to pay?
On that fateful day,
I went out of my way.
I went up to him and said 'Hi',
our time together just kept on passing by.
I fell in love with him,
and now the chances of me living are slim.
We haven't talked since,
hearing his name would always make me wince.
I don't know what made it this way;
I seriously don't know what to say.
I don't know who to trust anymore,
I keep to myself with all these images of bloody gore.
Minutes and seconds pass by,
and all I'm still wondering is why?
Why are we splitting apart?
Do you know what this is doing to my heart?
Of course you don't,
you don't see the pain is hurting me right to the very bone.
It is you that own my heart...
But you don't know that you’re tearing me apart.
You’re tearing me to pieces until I can't take it anymore.
You ripped my heart to the very core,
and then you just throw it on the floor.
Am I being a bore?
It like I'm only a toy you bought at the store.
I'm tired of being used;
my heart is tired of being abused.
You seriously don't know what you’re doing to me,
I laugh at your hearing for you can't hear my plea.
You leave me here to die,
and all I do is just wonder why...
I just can't accept it;
it’s too hard to admit.
The pain turns numb;
don't you see what I've become?
I have the gun in hand;
all of this is too hard to understand.
I put the gun at the side of my head;
the room is now covered in bloodshed.
The bullet went through,
and I did it all for you.
Before I took my life away,
I wrote something on the wall that I wanted to say.
I cut my finger and wrote on the wall,
what I wrote probably won't matter to you at all.
But that doesn’t matter;
I had put what I wanted to say.
'Look at what I did;
it is me that I got rid.
I loved you alot,
but I guess you loved me not.
You used me to your own personal games,
why did you do this James?
You know that I loved you alot,
you meant the whole world to me.
I guess you were too blind to see,
what you really meant to me.
I love you,
but I guess you didn't have a single clue that you knew.
Good bye forever,
I was blind to see that you were too clever.
But now you won't ever hear from me,
because in Hell is the only place I'm supposed to be.'

Staring at my feet,
Thinking of what we used to be,
While dragging my shoes across the long, dark street,
And the princess ending I will never see,
A few cars have passed,
They never look at me twice,
For they can see my heart is smashed,
And nothing yet will suffice,
I keep hearing your voice,
Telling me goodbye,
And I try so very hard not to break down and cry,
From all your deadly lies,
I run and run and run,
'Till my feet are sore and bleeding,
My heart hurts so much,
I just feel like screaming,
I should've known, the one guy,
Who says he truly understands,
Would leave me here alone,
To cry in my hands,
My tears are blinding my sight,
While I stand here in the middle of the road,
But when the car takes me away,
I won't even put up a fight,
And how did I know?
I would end up in this position,
That no matter how many times I said 'I love you,'
You just wouldn't listen,
I wanted to be your only,
The girl who loved her boy,
And now all I ever feel is lonely,
As you play with your new toy,
So now I'm alone and tired,
Tired of the lies,
Our love used to burn like fire,
But now all I can say is goodbye,
The head lights flash against my eyes,
They had no idea I was there,
But it's not the drivers fault,
Cause I blame it all on you,
You just couldn't say,
'I love you too.

That girl
seperate from the crowd
sits in the corner
with her pretty head down.
That girl
scared of her voice
squeezes her lips shut,
as if she has no choice.
That girl
wants to yell out
but she bottles it up
never lets her emotions out.
That girl
really needs a friend
but shes too scared to branch out
so she sits there and wonders if
someone will ever mend
her broken heart.
That girl
lies face down on the ground,
defeated by the others
but doesnt utter a sound.
That girl
wants to go home
but since everyones busy
she stays there alone.

Life or death?
Should I take my last breath?
I'm hanging by a thread.
I'm almost dead.
The days keep dragging on,
I can't keep hanging on.
I've been through it all,
and so much worse.
I'm about to burst.
I can't take this curse.
Just put me in my hurse and drive.
It all happened when I was five.
Before that I felt so alive.
That belt across my face.
I'll never be able to erase.
The scars will be there forever,
till I end this one day all together.

Why don't you love me?
You put him above me.
I never disobey.
You might as well take my life away.
Your suppose to comfort and love me when I cry.
You despise me.
Why do you believe his lies?
Hes in a desguise.
You can't hear my cries cause,
he plugged your ears.
You two are my worst fears.
You'll dread it when I'm dead.
Either a bullet to my head or,
a slit to my wrist.

adrop of blood on the sheets
a girl lays with her arm out
curled in a ball
atear on her cheek
the perfect image
and with a click the monents captured
forever people will see
the type of lives most of us live
a child standing alone
lost in a sea of people
calling out for their mother
people rush by
to busy to care
well i'm there, camara in hand
pressing the button
showing how some kids
are forced to live
a crowded school dance
slow dances and hook ups
boyfriends and girlfriends
so crazy in love
but the one girl standing in the back
all alone
with no one to hold
i'm there though, to capture the moment
focusing in
the the poor lonely girl
my photogarphy is my new life
forever showing people how i live
how most of us live
showing the pictures of imperfection
showing pictures of the things i love

We had our moments
When we were together
Those unforgettable moments
That I look back always
But we also had those fights
When we would disagree
Those stupid fights
That I always regret about
Sometimes I wonder
If we could go back
If we could erase those awful memories
And relive our unforgettable moments
Sometimes I wonder about this
Sometimes I wonder about that
It makes me crazy in the inside
Knowing that whatever you wonder about
Nothing will change
We will still have those unforgettable moments
But we also will still have our fights
Those stupid fights
That we are so stubborn to forget about
Sometimes I wonder
If I’ll ever stop wondering...

Give me that knife or give me that gun
Give me either so the deed can be done
I cried today
I'm sad to say

I broke down
And almost drowned
I'm not unique
Just very weak

I'm screaming my head off
So just sit there and scoff

I can't do this anymore
With myself I am at war
And sadly I am losing
AndI don't find that very soothing

Give me that knife or that gun
Just give me one
The deed needs to be done
I'm still smiling
Even through this crying

failed you.
Don’t say it’s not true.
I did.
I tried my hardest.
But I guess my hardest
Just wasn’t good enough.
We talked
For hours
On why you shouldn’t
I guess we should’ve talked longer.
I texted you
Multiple times
Checking up on you.
“How are you today?”
I always asked.
“I’m fine”
You always responded.
I knew you were lying
I should’ve called you out on it.
Remember when I would
Stop by your house randomly
And ask you to hang out?
You always said you
Were doing chores
Or homework.
I knew that was an excuse
I always fell for it.
I should’ve tried harder.
I could’ve stopped it.
Prevented it.
This decision you made
Wrecked my world.
I heard the gun shot
And walked in
It was terrible.
To see you.
Dead on the floor.
To see you.
With the gun to your head.
To see you.
With your slit wrists.
To see you.
With that empty pill bottle.
Was it worth it?
Answer me.
Was ending it worth it?
To leave behind the
People who cared for you.
People did care.
These tears that dot my paper
Are proof that you mattered.
These tears that blot out my words
Are proof that I needed you.
These tears that trickle shamelessly down my face
Are proof that I loved you.
I ask again.
Was it worth it?
Now you are looking from above
Or below
And seeing the tears fall
From my eyes.
The pain
In my heart
And the blame
On my shoulders.
Was it worth it?

Suicide isn't agame,
'Cause once you do it things'll never be the same.
Feelings hurt and minds bruised,
Will death win or lose?
Live me well, there's not another chance,
Remember that there's only one.
I'm precious; be gentle,
Don't let Death be your fun.
Pain is taking over,
Sanity is dead.
Grab a knife and enjoy
The sight of scarlet and red.
There will be days of sadness,
There will be a day of pain,
But there will be people around you
Who can help you change.
Life is meaningless,
Betrayers, backstabbers, hate.
So come, dwell in my realm,
And ignore the irony of fate.
Hold my hand and cry,
Mom is always near.
Don't worry about grades and popularity,
Just remember I'm always here.
Life is so heartless,
It takes what you deserve.
Just close your eyes and sleep forever
And you'd miss a narrow curve.
The choice is yours to make,
Will you survive the bumps in the way?
Or will you subdue to Death,
And make this your very last day?
The battle of Death and Life,
The choice of your past and future.
Will you bare your sharp, metal knife,
Or will you smile and live?

My white knight
So bold and so bright
I've learned a promise from you is as good as ash
But I'd rather waste my time with lies
Than buried in your eyes for another night
You won't break me
You can't
Not this time
I've already broken myself...
And if there was one thing I didn't need to hear from you
It was, "I'm sorry..."
Thought you were my white knight
You knew where I'd hide
Saved me everytime
But I've changed the locks
Bolted the door
And threw away the only key
So much for saving me
This Princess saves herself
And you're the one I'm fighting this time...

One night
Not long ago
You closed off the light
And the lies began to show
Pain like never before
Coming from you
You shut my door
The worst thing to do
You lost my trust
And there is no getting it back
You crushed my heart to dust
I'm holding on by one dangled tack
So know you did this to me
Know that I'm broken again
I hope you see
You're the one to win
Your sorry was too late
And the words don't take away the pain
This must be our fate
Things will never be the same


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DJ jean2 Report | 07/08/2009 4:41 pm
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Hannah Silverwind Report | 07/07/2009 1:27 pm
Hannah Silverwind
lol thanks , yea ill keep in touch
Hannah Silverwind Report | 07/06/2009 5:47 pm
Hannah Silverwind
lolz my poem is on your profile ^.^ i feel special now lolz
KingOfHearts555 Report | 06/29/2009 6:32 pm
hey u smile
whats up
xx_lightestwarrior_123 Report | 06/09/2009 10:12 am
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