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R.I.P. Michael Jackson<|3 ily

dude...michael jackson died <|3 do u kno how sad i am... =[

it was June 25th 2009 <|3

HE CREATED THE MOONWALK!!! <3 how could you forget the moonwalk!?!?!?! nd so many other great dance moves =[

like that one where he puts his hand on his crotch nd humps it lol<|3

he made so many great songs too. <|3

like PYT, Billie Jean, Thriller, Black or White, nd so much more <|3

he was only 50... =[b*tch if u got sh*tt to say bout him...then swallow it ok...cuz i have respect for such a great man <|3

Read It Nigguh<3 13 nd i live in LA<3 i love my friends to death nd couldnt live wiffout them<3 i am christian nd i love swings<3 hehe they r so fun<3 my favorite kinds of music r hip hop, r&b, nd techno<3 my favorite colors are limegreen, purple, nd blue<3 i juss like to be myself nd i dont change for anyone<3 u can try wont work lol<3 i can be random at times...but its ok<3 i love anime<3 babies<3 dancing<3 singing<3 eating<3 nd sleeping<3 hitt me up i love to chatt<3

ifly bby...end of story<3