I'm expressing myself through the medium of the written word, plastered across the vast reaches of the anonymous internet.


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Da World Das Has Taken Over Meine Mind

...Why am i making a journal? who knows; but this is where whatever random stuff i feel like sharing with the world will go... Welcome to my World


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Can I ask you a question? Is that a girl avi?

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cool avi
Lightning the Lulu

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Lightning the Lulu

So you're nearly finished your degree then, if I've read that right? How are the exams coming along? I love psychology lectures as long as they're interesting, but I think that largely depends on the lecturer.
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Lightning the Lulu

Glad you like it, too. ^_^

Wow that's a long time spent on exams! What are you studying?
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Lightning the Lulu

Ha! xD
The one I like best these days is "stay out of politics or be taxed like the rest".
You've been off Gaia, I take it?
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Lightning the Lulu

The reference is to your signature. In my version he was behind the couch wearing a Sear's bathrobe - I once lived near Mennonites, who believe that women must wear skirts or dresses because according to their interpretation of some bible pants are men's clothing. Jewish men in that area of the world during biblical times wore robes, hence the joke.
I am possibly unfunny today, I went to file income taxes this morning and one thing that is almost always certain to take the funny out of me it's enforced governmental interference.
I apologize for this lapse in humor. stressed
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Lightning the Lulu

It certainly is! Some of them are so amazing I feel like my head is going to explode.
Good thing it doesn't or they'd claim it as a miracle. =/
I always used "behind the couch, wearing a Sear's bathrobe" when I lived in a different area.
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Lightning the Lulu

Bwahaha your signature...I'm glad I checked my BG thread. I do it very rarely anymore but that was a good laugh. User Image

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Your new avatar is awesome.
my gfs cheating on me

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my gfs cheating on me

Badb, crow-goddess of war,
Rage, fury and violence
Represented by the scare-scald.

Sister Neman, Machan, and Morrigan,
Craft the longing consumption
Through battle magic.

The first brings madness,
While Morrigan conjures unnatural valor,
Machan does revelry; she plays amongst the slain.

Announcer of death and night,
Fomorian crow-wife,
Soars over the battlefield.


"Do you know Jesus?"
"Yes. I keep him under my bed so I can know him over and over."
"But... Jesus has risen!1"
"Fine. He graduated to my closet. -_-"

"And They sent us a witch's hex card from Salem!"
"Um, we've never been past Colorado."