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Last Login: 03/02/2018 8:16 pm

Registered: 09/21/2006

Gender: Male

Location: Ontario, Canada

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I am B4T. I am a bat. I am a halfbreed. I come from two family lines. My father was a Yinpter and my mother was a Yang. As such, I can consume any diet in the variety of bats.

Insects. Fruits. Blood. You name it. Give it to me.

I have studied the mystic arts. My dwelling is in the astral plane, and only accessible to those who know the name. I can invite you in, but you cannot invade without my invitation, or if I am betrayed by a past guest.

I have no such restrictions. I can enter your homes. I am not like these weak vampires.

Like them, I have magic. I can transform into a human, for one. I can summon a variety of items from my astral domain. Generally I only bring my net with me. You cannot see my net, it is invisible until I use it to catch my insect prey. It is delicious.

You humans just sell it so that you can make dyes for your hair. You are a waste that does not respect nature.

I was given a feather by the natives who cultivated this land in centuries past. Any may worship the bat, though we have no deity, you may honour us.

I wish to create a Vampire Bund.

I am engorged with blood, and I don't mean in my stomach.