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Secret Hyosung Report | 09/18/2013 7:16 pm
Secret Hyosung
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◀ ♥ ▶ Hyo sung ◀ ♥ ▶
⇒We really do have some weird conversations but i love them.
Yoo Kyung A-Pink Report | 09/16/2013 1:15 pm
Yoo Kyung A-Pink
Awwww, that's okay! No worries!
That's goooooood 8D! How's everything on your side of the world?
Ah~ Tired, I don't like senior year x_x;
Yoo Kyung A-Pink Report | 09/16/2013 1:13 pm
Yoo Kyung A-Pink
Awwww, that's okay! No worries!
That's goooooood 8D! How's everything on your side of the world?
Ah~ Tired, I don't like senior year x_x;
Yoo Kyung A-Pink Report | 09/16/2013 1:03 pm
Yoo Kyung A-Pink
Awwww, that's okay! No worries!
That's goooooood 8D! How's everything on your side of the world?
Ah~ Tired, I don't like senior year x_x;
Secret Hyosung Report | 09/12/2013 9:21 pm
Secret Hyosung
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◀ ♥ ▶ Hyo sung ◀ ♥ ▶
You're so silly,you forgot. Per usual. xD
/Coughs. I don't know either.... >o>;;;
Yoo Kyung A-Pink Report | 09/11/2013 3:43 pm
Yoo Kyung A-Pink
it's been so long ;_______:
how have you beeeen?
Bubibu Chorong Report | 06/08/2013 12:19 pm
Bubibu Chorong
I miss you a lot, too! ; n ;
Secret Hyosung Report | 05/12/2013 8:25 pm
Secret Hyosung
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◀ ♥ ▶ Hyo sung ◀ ♥ ▶
⇒Should do the spell of clicking my fingers? Maybe that will help. /Laughs.
-B2ST HyunSeung- Report | 05/11/2013 4:38 pm
-B2ST HyunSeung-
( '-') yes online more often! ( >< wink
Yoo Kyung A-Pink Report | 05/10/2013 5:44 pm
Yoo Kyung A-Pink
Hii David!
That's sweet to hear haha xD
I've been good, tired a lot though,
How are you c:

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QUESTING: Bellissimo Pianoforte, The Lusty Scoundrel, Angelic Manner. ^-^;

Hi-Yeom!!! Welcome to my profile!!! biggrin !
I am Lee Ki-Kwang (이기광) Better known as being named Ace Junior / AJ; ^-^ From South Korean, Boy Band,비스트 (BEAST) ; Meaning Boys of East Standing Tall or stylized as B2ST the way they were going to have it as in the beginning but changed it which stands for Boys 2 Search the Top. ^-^

Please leave a sweet comment!! I would love for everyone on my friends list to comment me!!! ^.^ OR even leave a add request with a sweet message to come with it!! All B2UTIES are welcome to add me!! ^-^ that would be really cool!!! ^-^ but in the end.. if we've never talked I'll have to delete you.. so i will have more space for other people to add me >-<;;;;;..

Anyway! i know you're obviously viewing my profile cause you wanna know bout me right ^-^?? Well i guess I'll write abit about myself ^-^

User Image
When i debuted as a solo singer, meaning when i was more known as AJ!!! and wasn't in BEAST! It was really cool and all but i felt really lonely and would sometimes cry because i felt as if i would fail as being a solo singer. I was actually kinda happy to know i was going to be in a band... but abit upset because i moved to the sister group of JYP; Cube ent and didn't stay in JYP.

In B2ST everyone but myself think that I'm the best dancer.. i personally think Hyunseung is a much better dancer than myself.. This is what Yoseobie-Hyung said about why he thinks I'm the best at dancing:
“Kikwang has a lot of passion for dance, whats more that, when he doing activities as “AJ” he was also using dance as his main form of performance. But our Hyunseung also dances very well okay!”

User Image
Everyone including myself picked me for having the best body!!! Lol ^-^!! I try working very hard to have a good body...well more like to exercise everyday!!!!!!! ^-^ it's good to be healthy and work out alot.. i hate it when people are lazy crying !!!! This is what Dujun-Hyung and Junhyung-Hyung said for their reason:
Dujun: “The last time when we performed, he pulls a bit of his shirt to show his body, the fans just kept screaming”
Junhyung: ” Kikwang is very focus into exercising to build up his body, therefore his body was the most fittest.”
Ehhh... I don't know why... but.. it seems to be I'm the person who is most lazy on the bed till they don't want to wake up..... I have my reasons though!!! ^.^!!! I have alot of things to do!! I'm very busy!! Lol!!!... >->;;; ..but It seems like… I don't have any excuses to deny anymore... ^-^;;;;;;
Once the members in B2ST told me not to do adlibs. Instead, they told me to just rip my clothes on stage!!!! Lol ... ^-^ that would be very embarrassing if i did that!!!
I think... that the members in B2ST don't like me exercising alot... like one time after dance practice ... like around when we were doing our Shock comeback i asked Hyunseung if he wanted to come to the gym with me... he said "No! we just finished working out by dancing"... ^~^!! and Dujunie-Hyung and Yoseobie-Hyung once ate potato chips infront of me while i was doing sit-ups.. i think they were trying to make me stop!! but it didn't stop me at all ^.^

User Image
Every B2UTY usually picks me for being the best looking in B2ST.. I'm actually very surprised!! i know they wouldn't of said i was the best looking if i was like i was in my younger years I wasn't even cute when I was young. I was really ugly. Becoming like this is lucky. I wonder how much my parents wanted to beat me. So thank you if you think I'm good looking/handsome ^///^!!!

In my free time i like to play guitar!! ^.^ I wouldn't say I'm awesome but i wouldn't say i sound like crap >~<!--! i also love to dance.. it's better than to waste time and sleep all day like some certain people do! ^^ and obviously i love listening to music; singing too ^-^!!! heart My favorite female bands are 4Minute, A-Pink, 2NE1, F(x) & Miss A!!! Please agree with me ^-^!!! I think these female bands are very talented... not saying all the other groups are but!! heh ^.^ If you don't know them!! you should look them up on YouTube when you have the time ^.^!!!!

I hate showing my passport picture off... all of the MC's look and laugh at me!! ^^;; because of my long hair i had awhile back!! ^-^

User Image
My friends/B2ST think i'm childish and immature but isn't that a good thing sometimes??!!! ^-^!!! isn't life about having fun? ^.^ but anyway i can also be really sweet and polite trust me, Lol ^-^

I know this isn't a pick up site and i'm not on here to pick up but i'ma just say what i think is cute on the ladies ^.^ Cute smile and a cute laugh ^-^! Being sexy and having lots of charm is just a total bounas ^-^!!!! I wish to marry a girl like that!!! i know that would be a dream come true ^//^

Things i like to eat?!! ^-^ I like eating healthy food!!! getting keep fit and work-out alot ^^ i also like drinking protein shakes Lol heart If i picked something sweet to eat... I would pick vanilla cake!!! I dislike having anything to do with chocolate... It's not good for you!!!! You need to be healthy and not eat too much chocolate!! it'll make you go hyper indeed.. o-o; I don't like seafood only reason being is because i'm allergic to it ... -.-;

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B2UTIES shouldn't have favorites in B2ST!! ^.^ But... if you do and your favorite is me!! you're in the fan group of the "Aces" ^-^!!!

Outfits I've done/made
User Image
Live performance of Special
User Image
Live performance of Beautiful

User Image
User Image
(Screenie taken from -B2ST Doojoon-'s profile)

(looking for a picture)
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Fan art, made by all my B2UTIEs. ^-^ Thank you all so much!! ^.^
User Image User Image

Birthday gifts ^-^
User Image User Image

Once again Thank you ^.^
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Random screen shots friends have taken. ^-^
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-B2ST Yoseob-
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My best bud, closest mate, or however you put it. ^-^ We've been friends for amount of time now!! since around.. 2005. I just moved into the city and changed schools to the same as yours. To be honest, i thought you were really annoying.. You always talked to me and i was just too shy to say anything back. ^~^ I remember we became close because we got put together as a group and i was the brain. LOL ^.^ I think you're the reason why I'm more out of my shell, You taught me many things. ^-^ and I'm thankful!!! heart
Your personality is just.. how do i put it, you're nuts!! lol ^-^ Always so hypo! Cut down on the soft drinks ^-^; You treat me like i'm your pet, and unfortunately I'm stupid and follow you! >-< But it's fine cause i love(?) being around you ^-^ no matter how weird or gay that sounds XD!!!
Note to everyone: we don't see each other like that.. so stop saying we do. =-=;;

Your one person i don't wanna loose the friendship with, ^-^ We should go skateboarding more often like old times... and i can teach you Chinese!! lol.

-B2ST Hyunseung-
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Ah!! Saejin, I'm so happy you came to Australia in 2009 and i got to met you! Though i was extremely shy to walk up to you and say hi. LOL I think we all were, you were stunning. You're so gorgeous!! Believe my words! Don't decline. heart I was really happy when i found out you and Ryan became close friends, because i knew that's when we could also be friends. You act so cute and sweet to me!!! I love when I'm invited to hang out with you, Xia and Michelle! ^-^ We always have the best times, even though sometimes it gets awkward that I'm the only guy.. Because you girls go shopping and ask me weird things that I'd have no idea how to reply to. >~<
Your probably the only one in the 94 line that doesn't push me around, tease me, ditch me. You actually stick up for me!! LOL!! Since i don't actually stick up for myself, i just stand there and laugh like nothing's wrong or just smile.. Even as sweet as you are, you can be .... um, scary?? I guess is the only word i can find right now... and i think most people how figured that out by now. LOL ^-^
Lastly.. It's great to see you and Ryan going out, FINALLY! And if he ever hurts you to remember to tell all of us. ^-^ lol!

-B2ST Dongwoon-
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You're one of the sweetest people i've ever come across even though you do really bad a** things. o-o I remember you were the outsider of the group to start with, in 2007-2009 you didn't really talk much with me, Henrie, Ryan and our many other friends. xD! Actually you didn't really hang around us. You were only near Alex time to time but hey look at us now. ^-^ Though you still run off to the little sub group and ditch me and Henrie. crying !!! We like to have more company than just each other.
Even though you're not around me much, We work together as a team and help each other out alot. ^-^ I enjoy spending fewer time with you especially when we haven't hung out in awhile, Though i think I've figured out the trick on how to make you hang with me more. ^-^ Hang at the library to go read some manga books. Those times are the best!!! ^.^ You have to agree, right??
You're very understandable when it comes to insane situations, Your words are always right. You're an really smart guy to tell the truth... Can't wait to see how successful you'll be when you're older. ^-^ and while you go on your path we'll all be there walking with you! ^-^

-B2ST Doojoon-
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Alex you're way too cool for words! I wish i was more like you crying but sometimes i think you need to calm down on the bad boy act.
We're pretty awkward with each other... i especially don't know what to say to you when you're like "'Sup David?"... sad
We need to hang more.. rather then you just going off to hang with Kevin, Ryan and Derrick. >-<!--!!

-B2ST Junhyung-
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Okay... To be honest we barely talk even though I've known you for along time now. ^-^;; We shared most of the same classes but you never sit next to me. Did i ever do something? Or are you always trying to act cool around others? @-@;;
I think you have two or three different personalities. Like when you're with Alex, Kevin, Derrick and others you're always so laid back and 'cool' as i call your little sub group with those three. >~< And then.. You have when your with the full group, being side by side with Saejin. >~> Then you're a total different person. lol!!! ^-^
I think we should hang around each other more often, For example when you go hang at galaxy world with a couple of friends. lol!!! At least Alex invites me to things like that.... We need to make our bond be better. ^-^ Agree??
Though... I do have one problem with you! and that's all the insults you give me, especially the one about me being gay for Henrie. ^~^;; I know you see it as a joke.. but to me it confuses me and sometimes hurts me even though it seems like I'm being strong. @-@;; Please mind your worlds.. and lastly; Take care of Saejin, because if she gets hurt.. You'll see the serious side of me. ^-^

The Beautiful G.NA
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Ashley~~~ A girl whom isn't it many of my classes, actually we don't see each other much during school time, you're always being so as you call it 'cool' with your other friends. XD!
I'm being in all honesty and you scare me! lol!! ^~^ The way you jump at me with your crazy scream and same way of yelling at "DAVID~~~~~!!!~".. Sometimes your smile is even as creepy as G.NA's in this gif i picked out for you.
My biggest memory i have with you is that time you called out "DAVID, CATCH ME" you ran to me and jumped thinking i'd catch you.. be me being me i didn't.. That was a crazy moment and a moment i'll never forget especially seeing as your skirt was flown up and you called me a perv. ah~ so crazy and bi-polar you are. ^-^;;
I find it weird that you ask me out non-stop even though i've rejected you over 50 times now!! ^-^;; I have no idea why you like me or want to like me more than a friend but it creeps me out sometimes! and i know you already know that, so why do you keep trying?!!! lol!! ^-^;
Let's hang out more! -PumpsFists- ^.^ Oh and when i say hang out more i mean with others, not just the two of us. lol!! heart

x SHINee Taemin
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The girl i can trust completely everything with. ^-^ Even though you're a year younger than me and we're not in the same classes i adore chatting with you!! I remember just how we met, that i was one of those few people that talked to you when you were a grade 7 at high school. ^.^ You seemed so lost and weren't with any of your buddies. I came up to you and asked if you were okay.. I remember that i seen you had Super Junior on your book case. ^-^ It showed a light to me that we'd have many things in common and so i found out... We really do have alot in common. I also think together, we've become less shy and more out there by having each other!! and also hanging around our crazy friends. @-@ I've realized i just adore you completely... >~< especially when you spazz about your strawberry milk tea, fried duck and morning glory items! such as blue bear. ^-^ <- Is it creepy that i know you too well and know all the few things you spazz about? lol ^-^
My favorite times with you is always the times when it's just me and you and we get to just freely talk about anything and everything. Even though sometimes i feel as if we have people watching us behind our backs... I still feel like it's special because it's spending time with you.. Since i don't get to see you much during school hours anymore.
You're always there for me no matter what, and i love that about you... You listen to my many problems along with how i listen to yours. ^-^ You really help me out alot when my parent's put my hopes down on things, and that's the best support that i could ever experience from someone. heart
Thank you for always being there for me!! Without you i would be nothing!! Sometimes it feels like you're my missing puzzle, and when i don't see you at school or around the neighbor hood.. i miss you loads... Weird right? lol!!! >~<
I really care alot for you!! and hope you don't get hurt like the last time with a certain someone..... =-= Remember I'm always here for you!!! ^-^ heart

iKim Jonghyun
You're plain nuts and just like me you've gotta not let Michelle get away with everything!! She insults you and pulls you around way too much! >~<;;
and stop stealing Alex, Ryan and Kevin away!!!! Just hang with all of us rather than running away with those 3. crying
Sometimes i feel i don't know you very well... ^~^;;

x SHINee Minho
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You, all the time are mind ******** with me Soomin!!!! lol!!! >~< You're really violent with your words towards me to be honest. o-o;; Sometimes i don't know whether i should take it as a joke, smile and laugh or to take you seriously!! For example when i disagree about my looks to you. I know your joking around and won't actually do something violent to me, to as you say "to give me a reason to actual insult my looks and call yourself ugly". Other times it's just you and Yue being the two crazy girls you are that no one can understand but you guys. ^-^;; One day i will learn your 'secret' language, and maybe you'll stop calling me stupid and innocent. >~< I personally think you and Yue have an evil plan up your sleeve and one day will explode the world and make your plan happen lol. ^-^
We don't.. really hang out much! You don't really tag along with us. ^-^ I would adore for you to be around more often, it'll be good to see you around, even though it's stressful when you wolf whistle at 'sexy' females and say i did it. o-o heart Since i know lately you've been having troubles at home lately and know that if you feel down you have everyone supporting you. ^-^ heart Keep strong.

x SHINee Onew
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Honestly i don't know you very well. Though from when we all hang out as a group, Yue you are one funny and crazy girl. ^-^; Sometimes i think :
"If this girl wasn't apart of the group we wouldn't have anyone to clap our hands and laugh at."
You do the most randomest things! seriously, i would love to know what goes through your mind when you do your actions sometimes i think "Can i have some of what you have?" I know that if we become closer, that somehow i think i'll come abit more out of my shell, ^-^ I can tell by our personality differences that you're not really someone i would hang around...

You and Soomin are a wonder~ Sometimes i'm not sure if i should be worrying about your not so humaness or to just smile and laugh along with you. ^-^;
You can always talk with me! I hope we become closer during the years. heart

x SHINee Key
User Image
....I think we have a funny relationship towards each other. ^-^ we've known each other for so long now!! I can't even mention how long it's been, we're like neighbours I always take you home after school.. ^-^ and sometimes we have that weird awkward feeling where no one talks. >~<;;
Sometimes i feel like you hate me with the meaningful and hateful words you use towards me. >~< People tell me it's because your a b***h, but truthfully I think it's because sometimes you don't know how to express yourself towards 'stupid' guys so you say. lol!!! ^.^;; But unlike some people.. You're atleast nice to me!! and that's why i love having you as a friend. heart
I think you're really pretty!! and I know you know that!! You're actually really stuck up tbh... But hey! I'm not complaining it wouldn't be you if you were to act different!!!
I hope in the future our friendship becomes a not so one sided friendship. ^-^ heart

Apink Naeun.
User Image
Kawaii!! You're so adorable ^-^ It sucks that you're always sick.. and so you know i pray for you all the time to become healthy. ^-^
I've only met you a few times... but i always make sure to come to your performances even if I'm always too shy to come and talk with you and Moose. ^-^;;
i can tell on your IU that I'm not your no.1 crying !!! lol!! Would you choose me with your Naeun account? *//*!! lol

Bubibu Chorong
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I know you feel awkward when people call you this, but you're just so cute!! ^-^ and i adore you!! lol... I know that i would die if i ever seen your agyeo! but that just makes me more want to see it somehow you should give me a short film of yourself doing aegyo!! lol ^-^
I'm happy to know we have alot in common. ^-^ and i know that will lead us to a amazing friendship. ^-^!!! heart Which in my opinion we already share, Even if it is over the internet.
You really mean alot to me and I miss you alot recently since we're never online around the same time anymore. Our conversations are usually really short but it'll never stop me to think of you. ^.^
I want you to stay healthy! that means to wear thicker clothes or more layered clothing! not just a t-shirt or whatever. T-T Please take care of yourself or you'll make me worry so much about you!!! I always worry alot when you tell me you're unwell. I pray for you all the time to be healthy. ^.^
I hope soon we get to talk more. ^-^

Add my awesome real life friends heart :
Yoseob , Hyunseung , Dongwoon , Junhyung , Doojoon , Jonghyun , Taemin , Key & Minho.

I am apart of iSuju Leeteuk's cosplay group.

Contact me also on
Twitter - azno0b crying DZ

Thanks so much for taking your time on viewing my profile!!!!
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BYE-YEOM!!! heart

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