Hello My name is
B u n n a y K i n z
It's a pleasure to meet you!

Day dreamer, procrastinator, crazy, somewhat perfectionist high schooler at your service!

I'm probably not the coolest person you’ve run into, but I can assure you I’m not a drag. You won’t have a boring time with me(:

Photography.Art.Reading.Dance.Music // My special getaways from reality.

My life is pretty stressful, hectic, and all the synonyms that go with busy. I'm committed to church and dance. I have a thing for guys who are musically inclined. I'm in love with classical music, Yiruma, Kevin Kern, and Kyle Landry. I'm into RPG's, dorky as it is. I can be lazy but I always make sure to do my very best. I lead a pretty ordinary student life and work hard for straight A's. This pretty much sums up boring old me!

Hit me up if you need someone! I'm willing to listen to anyone whether it's about problems or they're just bored.

If you're feeling stalkerish right now, you can ask me anything. Just go ahead and shoot!

Comment me? // Trade me? // PM me?

i’ve met you my dяєαmѕ....