My Booo.

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love her
hurt her, and i will personally kick yer face to china town.
i love this girl, with all of my heart.
i would be nothing without her.
she's my bff, totalllyy.
yer so jealouss.
we hang out alot, and we could be lovers.
but we dont feel like it.
she's got an amazing boyfriend, thats she's gonna marry.
he's one of my friends, kindaa.
i love him as lexi's boyfriendd.
try and ruin that, and heads will be rollingg.
comment her, mkkayyy?


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he is my specail kidd.
he is mine.
he's indian with me, and everything else.
i trust him with about anything now.

he takes bubble baths with me.

Skinny Fit Jeans


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thats sounds like ugly.


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Fighting my life Report | 03/26/2008 11:16 pm
trippy page
XxXundecided loveXxX Report | 10/19/2007 1:11 pm
holy shizznit Brooke, you're so hott. I like the lip : P
XxXundecided loveXxX Report | 10/19/2007 1:08 pm
holy shizznit Brooke got f-ing sexxy!!
chocolateHOEHOE Report | 08/20/2007 8:05 pm

xRosco Report | 07/27/2007 8:59 pm

Elegant Lady Chaos Report | 07/27/2007 2:45 pm
I knowww it is hard to keep in touch with me and I'm sorry

I've just been going through alot of bullshit and depression and blehhhh

it's not even worth getting into

but i love you like crazyyyyy!


and I miss you so much

if you get msn thats fine but it's all okay.

I just don't wanna end up havign too much stuff going on and quit gaia all together and lose you ]:

thatd be like freaking terrible. :/

how have you been?

I went to the doctor and they told me I have a sinus infection on top of bronchitus so thats really bad

but atleast they gave me s**t now so I'll get better.

cuddlekiss.. Report | 07/26/2007 10:18 am
i got a camera!!
chocolateHOEHOE Report | 07/22/2007 3:41 pm



TravisForSale Report | 07/21/2007 4:33 pm
aw ofcourse.

Just cause they would look cuter on youuuuu

anime_sweetie Report | 07/21/2007 10:04 am

Your avi is so cute.

biggrin DDDDDD