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Hi everyone blaugh !!

The name's Cole . I'm pretty sure I'm female, and I'm 15. I'va got brown/blonde hair, like seriously... I have no clue if it's brown or blonde, like my friends are like WTF ARE YOU LIKE SERIOUSLY!! sooo yea... About Me, I like snowboarding, skating, my ipod ( <3) and pink biggrin I'm pretty hyper most of the time, and my passion is photography and Gaia!!<3

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Total Value: 144,293 Gold
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Item List:
Devil Imp Plushie
Devil Imp Potion
Imperial Queen
Black Heart Hairpin
Were Tail
Whip of Fire
Light Tanbark Leg Warmers
Black Leather Belt
Coal Tavern Wench's Bustier
G-LOL Blood Mistress Skirt

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