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about the sexy chick :D

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Heyya, ppls!

CREW status in Gaia "R" Us. =3
Meh name ish Daniela.
Gaia username: Dark.Grey.Wing . . . duh X3
People call me Dani in teh real world . . .
Here people call me DGW, Wing, Dark, Darkie, Cocoa, Caramelo, Crazy Latina Girl, Grey, and Wifey.
Ma birthday is 19th of October.
Am currently 16 years of age.
Am a student, art whore, DJ, certified massuese, and party girl!
Oh, and single and loving it.
I luff drawing, ma wifeys, cuute guys *drools*, ma homebois *drools* (j/k they just all happen to be cuute), and ma famlia.
I am a very proud Latina, and uber proud Costa Rican.
Am fluent in English and Spanish, and I a able to speak a vrey broken French . . . X3
I have an art shop, WOOT, LOL, I draw when bored.
I love music, dancing, and music.
Oh, and parties!! =3
And music.
I am really friendly.
I'm that one perosn that isn't afraid of meeting new people and striking up a random conversation with the randomest stranger about the oh very dull weather and making it seem extremely interesting.
Hmmm, I luff music.
Especially REGGAETÓN, hip-hop, r&b, bachata, and TAANGOO!! =3
And I hate cheese.

PM me for more info . . . *Watches for stalkers* LOL
Or join my fanclub . . .

{ ♫ me ish dancing ♫ }




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NOA: Not Only Art, Not Only Artists

Starstruckk -> Questing & Giving Art

♥ Spread Your Wings ♥ OC Contest! 8 Mil ♥ Bump prizes!

<< Bump each one please! Say Darkie told ya to! =]


Check out my journal entry : "Dream Avatar"


Supaa homies who help me out:

.: Blue Kool-Aid :.
She donated AN orly! <33
.: Depresive-Nature :.
Birthday presents!! (Lots of clothing! Monocle, Coal Gunner Hat and Coat, Wraith Coat)


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I hope you don't have caligynephobia... I hate guys that do...

music :3

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Talented Azz Report | 07/27/2009 8:01 pm
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Cheeseums Report | 05/06/2009 9:36 am
iJinrou Report | 05/06/2009 9:25 am
I am indeed >:J
haunted haus Report | 04/24/2009 4:08 pm

random comment. o 3o
m a n g o f r e s a Report | 04/11/2009 7:52 am
LOL, my hair is still purple only longer! :]
Thinkin' of getting AUGHmentations, what's your opinion??? :O
m a n g o f r e s a Report | 02/09/2009 4:00 pm
LOL :] I'm purple *points at my head and at avies* :]
m a n g o f r e s a Report | 02/08/2009 5:33 pm
How's life going fo you?? :]
m a n g o f r e s a Report | 02/05/2009 4:48 pm
LOL, I forgot... :]
m a n g o f r e s a Report | 02/04/2009 3:23 am
LOL :] OMG, guess what I did yesterday?
m a n g o f r e s a Report | 02/02/2009 1:00 pm
bebecita??? i'm sorry, you know i was playing! :]
m a n g o f r e s a