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Aloha! Call me Yeshers. I am 26 years young, and happily married.
I have a B.S. in Marine Biology with a minor in Psychology,
and I have had some pretty incredible adventures!
I've cared for Hawaiian Monk Seals, manatees and dolphins,
as well as many other truly neat organisms!
I have spent years educating others about
marine life and the importance of ocean conservation.
I now spend my time working towards becoming a
licensed veterinary technician~!

I love singing, learning, exploring, living, loving, laughing...
& pretty much every surprise life has to offer.
I'm also kind of a mermaid.

My tail is orange and gold for leukemia
and childhood cancer, in memory of my little sister.
My tail is self made, and actually won 16th place
in the Jo-Ann's Sew-Unique Contest in 2012.
I have also won a gold tail to help me continue
to spread my sister's memory and joy to others.

.:{Mai Ke Kai Mai Ke Ola, e Malama I Ke Kai}:.
.:{From the oceans comes life, protect the oceans}:.

Mermaids of O'ahu