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Name: Dias Ronas
Age: 25
Species: Dragon
Status: Been there, done that. Moved on.

Skype: RiotDragon
AIM: RiotDragon
Steam: RiotDragonX
XBox Gamertag: RiotDragonX
FA: RiotDragon
SecondLife: Dias Ronas

You get the idea. Add me to any that you want to. I'm a fan and heavy contributor to the 2 Sense show. I'm a fur, so if you don't like it, then kiss my scaley a**.

For those of you who actually give enough of a damn to read this, I commend you. I don't like people who like others for something as trivial as how their avi looks. I was in love, but love is like a demon, and not like a demon. I can drag your soul to hell, but it can do it many times over. I'm not in a thrilled mood right now because of said relationship, so if I snap at you, then get over it. I'll cheer up sometime.

I don't take bullshit. If you try and feed it to me, you'll get it stuffed right back into your face. I don't like drama, so don't bring your baggage to me. And most of all, I don't like to be messed with. You ruffle the scales, I'll bite, and hard.

But, if you get past all that, I'm a good guy to know. I'm loyal, unlike some people. I'm smart, unlike most people. And I'm sexy, unlike...well...I'm sexy unlike anything you've ever seen. =D I'm an awesome person to talk to and have on your friends list because I won't go around spouting things that were supposed to be kept in private...yes, they know who I'm talking about. =_=

I love cardgames on motorcycles, I'm a huge fan of Kilplix 'N Friends on youtube, and TeamFourStar is my DBZ sex. I love Super Smash Brothers, Dr. Mario FTW, Assassin's Creed, Megaman, Sonic, Zelda, and I'm a complete whore for Mass Effect. I love blue aliens, what can I say?

I won't tell you my dislikes here, because if you want to be my friend, then you will discover them soon enough anyway. And don't worry, I'm not going to snap at you for something small or trivial, especially if you didn't know. I'm buddhist, so I'm not even supposed to be this hostile right now. But you know what? No matter what religion you are, love doesn't care. It will always stab you when you least expect it.

That's all for now. Hit me up if you wanna talk. I'm on my computer most of the day considering the college classes I'll be taking, so shoot me a message. I need more friends, because apparently I'm not meant to have anything else.

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This is my contribution to one of the coolest countries I've ever been to. South Korea. I hope all my friends over there are well, as well as all those who have suffered in Japan. My heart goes out to you all.


Soundtrack of my Life

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My random thoughts.

I've decided to stop writing about how sad and miserable my life is. Although I have been given a reason to spread my thoughts, I wish to share with you instead the many philosophical things that run through my head every now and then. So, enjoy.




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