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ǟʐʊʀɛ ֆȶǟʀաɨֆɦ

Age: 30 [Human] 60 [Elven]
Gender: Female
Race: Drowussu, Dragon
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: White, Long
Skin tone: Light Gray/Pale
Marital Status: Devoted to Seph Blackheart [Sephirothsdeciple]
Children: Rhi'Shyan [Female, 12], Rai'Shyin [Male, 12] [Twins]
Sire of Offspring: Seph Blackheart
Exisiting Conditions: Azure shares a blood tie to the father of her children, Seph. This tie affects emotions and physical well being, and it is a two way connection. Anything she feels, be it pain or bliss, Seph would feel it. Sometimes even take the damage himself...That being said, if Azure died, Seph would be free of the bond. But if Seph dies, Azure will die as well. Seph is, in all technicality, Azure's 'master', chosen by Azure of free will in order to free herself from a previous 'master'.
Personality Traits: Warm, but guarded, she struggles to open up easily. However, the drow is fiercely loyal to those she lets in. She is often easy going, but can become quite intense given the subject or situation at hand.
History: Azure's history is rather long and complex. If caught in the right mood, the drow would perhaps happily disclose certain details about her past.



Age: 6 [Human] 12 [Elven]
Gender: Female
Race: Drowussu, Human [1/2]
Eyes: Amber [Often appears orange, like a flame]
Hair: Brown, Long [Though she will often use illusion magic to turn it to a dark red when leaving her uncle's house.]
Skin: Sun kissed
Marital Status: N/A
Mother: Azure Starwish
Father: Seph Blackheart
Existing Conditions: Rhi has no existing conditions at this time.
Personality Traits: Mature for her age, Rhi won't trust strangers easily. Eager to impress, but shy to criticism. Her mother will often say that the hot headed young woman takes after her father. Stubborn, persistent, caring. Often doesn't care for rules.
History: Rhi, with her twin Rai, was born at a small tavern [The Forgotten Empire Inn] located off the beaten path and away from any large towns, out of sight, out of mind. However, a couple years after birth, an incident happened at the tavern, forcing them to leave. She was never quite sure what exactly happened, being so young, but they traveled heavily for 4 years, before being dropped off at their uncles in a city, to be trained till mother returned. But for whatever reason, Rhi doesn't buy the story her mother left them with...



Age: 6 [Human] 12 [Elven]
Gender: Male
Race: Drowussu, Demon [1/2]
Eyes: Green, light
Hair: White, tipped gray (He will often dye it black when leaving the house, but due to the nature of his blood, the hair will always return light)
Skin: Pale/Alabaster
Marital Status: N/A
Mother: Azure Starwish
Father: Seph Blackheart
Existing Conditions: Smaller than his sister, Rai was the weaker twin, and comes across as fragile at times. He will almost always avoid a brawl if possible. Any fight in general that involves brute force. But, if he managed to put some distance between you...
Personality Traits: Rai is rather timid and soft spoken. He is often found deep in his studies, and unlike his twin Rhi, he embraced the magick he inherited from his blood. Rai comes across as fragile and frail, but he is quite the opposite. But for the sake of not standing out, he often plays down his strength.
History: Rai shares the same history with his twin, Rhi. However, when they got to their Uncle's house, instead of judging their mother and mistrusting his mother's words, he took to them literally and began to study and train. Grasping his magick easily (often told he's a natural), he embraced the basics, and practiced sword play. His mother must be in danger if she chose to leave them behind. He will protect her, so, he must get stronger. Like his father, he's sure...


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Lagh Ruadh Report | 07/06/2017 7:34 am
Ah, gottcha. And apologies for the superfluous comment. I commented before actually reading your post. Got home at like 12AM, was really tired. I should have a post up soon, though.
Lagh Ruadh Report | 07/05/2017 10:11 pm
Hey, for future reference, please refrain from quoting me.
Lagh Ruadh Report | 06/29/2017 5:20 pm
Hey, thank ye! <3
Lagh Ruadh Report | 06/24/2017 9:26 am
Under effects of: Aura of Protection (as from a Paladin), and Aura of Conquest (as from an Oath of Conquest Paladin). Just so you're aware. The reason for the duality is he's classifying her as both a friend and potential enemy. (The why of that one is secret.)
Lagh Ruadh Report | 06/23/2017 12:41 pm
A note regarding my character in the Fox: He's wearing Boots of Elven Kind. Whether or not she recognizes them, is up to you.
Kemistree Report | 05/16/2016 10:41 pm
Hoping all is well with you friend!
Kemistree Report | 05/16/2016 6:23 pm
TheGuardianofHalloween Report | 11/03/2015 4:06 pm
This is Halloween...

Thank you for buying my item! whee

Halloween, Halloween...
Eternaldusk Report | 06/18/2015 8:50 pm
He might be moving here by next year, but we'll see........ it's looking increasingly likely
Eternaldusk Report | 06/18/2015 11:03 am
I haven't changed my profile in years.. hahah. I put so much work into it I cringe at the thought of doing so, even though I kinda want a change. I wouldn't be able to go see this year anyways, but someday...!

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